Meteoric brand success

Shocking results for a revolutionary smart home brand

Award Winning Advertising

And one of the most successful product launches in iHome history.


Well hello there. You’ve arrived at L7 Creative,
home of Digital Brand Engagement.

Today, marketing is exponentially more challenging – fraught with algorithms, markup language and complex consumer engagement. Enduring the constant demands of a modern marketing department calls for a near impossible depth of expertise.

You need a partner – one that gives you the inspiration, skills and confidence to make sense out of today’s increasingly noisy marketplace.

Reach for more, unlock L7 Creative, and let’s make history together.



Every brand needs a great story and we’re experts at creating legendary brands. We carefully craft every aspect of your brand so that it takes on new dimension and depth.



Need to spread the word? We’ve got the creative juice to make full scale campaigns that will keep your target market engaged.

web development

Web Development

Ahh the World Wide Web – ever expanding, ever changing. We’ve got a team of skilled Front-end developers, digital experientialists, and UI/UX design ninjas that can make your website work for you, and then some.

interactive marketing

Interactive Marketing

No longer is marketing a one-way conversation. Consumers want to speak and be responded to, and we’ve got all the right tools to make your digital channels truly conversational.

What’s Happening Inside L7 Creative

In 2016, we’re getting it done and having fun doing it:

practical jokes played

good ideas trashed to get 12 great concepts

glasses of beer raised in celebration

keyword phrases analyzed

cups of coffee made

lines of codes written

I recommend you visiting his office, sit at the conference room table, have a coffee and discuss with the L7 team where you want your business and let L7 work its creative magic!

M. Davis

Their experience and understanding of traditional, and especially new media is of critical importance to the success of any brand launch, marketing campaign, etc.

D. Connell

Each client is viewed as totally new and different from their other projects, and thus the needs of the project are addressed thoroughly and exclusively based on the needs and goals of the client.

D. Connell

I would recommend them to anyone who is seeking a solid long term creative partner.

M. Davis

They're highly creative without agency snootiness that you see so much in the industry.

M. Davis

L7 Creative is a dedicated team of professionals always with one goal in mind, finding new and innovative ways to showcase their clients to the public.

C. Gandy

Their ‘state of the art’ office environment is the perfect place to cultivate new ideas.

C. Gandy

L7 Creative worked closely with us to develop our company name, tagline, logo, packaging, and initial marketing story.

M. Dyer

L7 has been a true partner in every sense of the word...Their passion and technical expertise allowed them to truly take our site to a place where we never imagined possible.

L. DiGioia


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