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Legendary brands built here—by extraordinary people.

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We're more than a collection of mad strategy geniuses, data deep-divers, creative virtuosos and project management masterminds. Put it all together and we're a "whole that's much greater than the sum of its parts." (Thank you, Aristotle.)

We're L7 Creative, and our success in helping you achieve yours is based on our core beliefs: —

  • It's cool to be Square
  • There is a science to the art of branding
  • Properly arranged, those digital ones and zeroes can make millions
  • What your brand does is only as relevant as how it makes people feel
  • Consumers want to be sold, like to be convinced, and love to believe
  • Audacity is a skill set
  • Building a great brand calls for bravery
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Talent Gets You Started. Culture Keeps You Going.

The defining feature and source of success for great companies in any industry isn’t their products or services—it’s their culture. We’ve taken that business truism to heart at L7 Creative. You won’t find egos, silos or turf wars here. And the corporate ladder’s been broken down into firewood and we’re making s’mores over it.

At L7 Creative, you’ll connect with extremely talented people who genuinely enjoy working with one another, who feel grateful to have such fantastic clients, and who celebrate every win as a team win.


Teamwork Works

Yeah, it sounds a little cliché, but it’s true: Loners are no match for collaborators. We get plenty of input and look at business challenges from many perspectives before we make any decision about marketing strategy, creative direction or any activities for our clients. No wise decision has ever been made in a vacuum.


Process Eats Inspiration’s Lunch

Businesses that hang their hopes on getting a flash of marketing inspiration—internally or from their agency partner—typically aren’t in business for long. Sure, occasionally a great idea becomes a great marketing initiative. But you can always bank on our proven process leading to branding, strategy, collateral and campaigns that deliver robust and consistent returns.


Honesty and Integrity Matter

The common denominator between successful client/agency relationships and profitable client/consumer relationships? Trust. Being transparent with you is fundamental to helping you connect with your audience in the same way. If we think what you’re doing currently isn’t working, we’ll tell you. If you feel we’ve missed the mark on something, we want to hear about it. Marketing’s a continual, iterative process that works best when everyone involved lets their guard down and feels comfortable putting their ideas forward.

Leadership Team

Tom Gallego

CEO, Creative Director, Director of Brand Strategy

Tom is an industry veteran and the driving force behind L7 Creative. As Creative Director he oversees our client’s brand and creative strategy. He offers key account direction and is the author of Adapt or Die: How to Survive in the New Era of Digital Brand Engagement, a groundbreaking guide to the tools and tactics marketers must have and use to be successful in today’s hyperconnected and hypercompetitive marketplace. Tom also sits on the Forbes Agency Council, an invitation-only organization for senior-level digital agency executives, where he contributes expert opinions for readers of Forbes Magazine.

Brand successes include: Kingston Technology, Hologic, Eisenhower Health, St. Claire’s Health, The American Chemical Society, Harman International, HyperX, iHome and Vizio.


Theresa Boxberger

Marketing Director

Theresa loves her University of Arizona Wildcats and she capitalizes on her background in human development. A true agency veteran Theresa’s is adept at understanding consumer behavior and translating that knowledge into strategies that increase the return on a brand’s audience interactions. She’s been heard to say: “You can’t reach your market if you aren’t in sync with it.” And Theresa really gets our clients there with a positive ROI. She’s worked with top marketers, from startups to leading consumer brands.

Brand successes include: Kingston Technology, Eisenhower Medical Center, Wedgewood Weddings, E3 Housing, ConniUSA and Baker Electric Home Energy.


Erik Ljung


Erik’s a graduate of Lunds tekniska högskola. (He’ll help you pronounce it if you don’t speak Swedish.) He’s a big-picture thinker with extensive technological expertise, proven international business acumen, and 15+ years of experience in corporate digital growth, turnarounds and corporate transformation. In that time, Erik has managed more than 20 digital programs for Fortune 500 companies. Computer architecture and embedded systems are where he’s deeply in his element. 


Kate Houser

Associate Social Media Director

Kate has an extensive background in sales and marketing analysis, market growth management, content development and social media strategy. It’s nearly impossible to succeed today without a vibrant social media presence, so her mastery of the various platforms is essential to our clients achieving their business objectives. If you listen closely to the social media voices of the successful companies we serve, you’ll hear our client’s unique brand voice.


Bob Burks

Digital Art Director

Bob is no stranger to great brand design. For more than two decades he’s been pushing the boundaries of creative and coming up with award-winning design.

He’s adept at developing creative strategy for advertising campaigns to website UI/UX Design and during his 20-year career he’s developed award-winning branding, advertising, web/digital design for clients in a wide variety of industries that range from action sports to hospitality to healthcare. His favorite projects are ones that challenge his team’s creative and design sensibilities.

Being a SoCal native Bob grew up surfing, camping, and hiking throughout California’s beaches and mountains which continues to fuel his creative inspiration.

Brands Bob has helped grow include: Memorialcare Health System, Mikasa Sports, Hobie, Load Dynamix, Eisenhower Health and St. Joseph Health.