L7 CREATIVE is selected by Expertise as one of the “Best Advertising Agencies” in San Diego for 2016.

October 6th, 2016 – L7 CREATIVE is honored to have been awarded the distinction of “Best Advertising Agencies in San Diego” as a top 20 digital agency by EXPERTISE.

EXPERTISE collaborates with experts across the U.S. to create business resource and ratings guides. Unlike most content on the web, EXPERTISE’s resources are written by industry experts.

EXPERTISE went through an exhaustive and systematic process to select their top agencies in San Diego county. EXPERTISE’s first step in the selection process was to find every agency that provides service to businesses in San Diego. The next step was to filter out agencies that failed to meet standards designating the organization as an industry expert. EXPERTISE then flagged and removed any agency with a history of dissatisfied customers. They judged agencies on many factors including credibility, reputation and experience. In their review process, EXPERTISE looked at 263 agencies in San Diego, and hand-picked the top 20.

L7 CREATIVE understands the importance of staying on the forefront of digital marketing. They achieve success by applying digital brand engagement principles to all strategies, thereby producing measurable results for clients. Due to thought leadership, inspired creative, technology and digital marketing, L7 CREATIVE consistently produces award-winning work that gets their clients recognized.



EXPERTISE believes that connections are the insights that form our thoughts and beliefs, and the medium that binds us together as a community. Their goal is to be a hub where qualified experts connect with people to share their knowledge, experience, and skills.


As the world’s first agency to define and deploy the principles of digital brand engagement, L7 CREATIVE delivers transformational digital brand engagement.

For over a decade, L7 CREATIVE has been employing their proprietary digital brand engagement principles, known as a powerful alchemy to reinvent, grow and connect brands with audiences across the globe.

Offering an array of world-class talent, L7 CREATIVE has mastered the complexities of digital marketing, uniting ideas and strategy with the power of technology to deliver unrivaled dimension to brands.

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