Websites, traffic, and SEO, oh my! There are so many websites littered through cyberspace, it all looks like a playpit of balls. So how do you make the orb that is your digital home float to the top of all that mess?

Michael Antic has some advice. As owner of, an IT services company that has worked with Prudential Real Estate, Equustria, and Lake Urgent Medical Center of Chula Vista, the man’s a guru in all things traffic-generation. He recently revamped his website for SEO purposes and now sits back, pleased, as a steady flow of business leads come into his inbox.

He’s given us some time to pin-point what matters when making your site more SEO-friendly:

“My site, my business plan, my self have evolved quite a bit over the years. You need look no further than the Wayback Machine to see where I have been and the several website overhauls that have gotten my business to its current standing. I remember the struggle to choose a great title for my DBA. My circle of influence weighed in, going through numerous nonsensical names, eventually deciding on my then address until my web developer at the time finally had a marketing breakthrough: Utilize a play on words with my last name, Antic.

It was genius on several levels; the name could be spun into anything imaginable. is the original website that spurred the development of several other sites. Little did I know how important a succinct name would be at the time.

Here’s why:

  • It’s an easy domain name to remember. Don’t force your audience to struggle when trying to recall your business’ URL. Think of your favorite brands. Have you ever forgotten their names?
  • It contains network. Any time you have a keyword that is used in a typical search query, you’re setting yourself up to appear in the results. You might not end up at the top of the list, but it’s a first step.
  • The original site contained limited content and was built in Flash. I completely redid the site six years after the original posting. I failed on so many counts with this expensive overhaul. Our biggest failure was that we spread our list of services too far. The site was broken into three distinct genres of IT:

                 – Data Storage

                 – Wireless repeaters

                 – IT services

We were able to get some call-to-action on data storage and some wireless projects trickled in but nothing else was picked up through organic searches. This wasn’t a sustainable model considering it was 2008, when few were willing to commit to a 5, 10, or $50,000 network storage devices. The worst part was that I had no way to manage my content without getting a web designer involved.

By 2011, I had had enough, pulled the plug, and we had the site move to We had to refocus our efforts toward producing a constant flow of traffic and generating recurring income. The most critical piece was having the site created in the highly customizable and easy to edit Content Management System called WordPress. We would remove the storage and wireless products and place the emphasis on healthcare related IT services. With the overly saturated market for basic IT services, we had to stress a specific vertical market that not only we excelled in but is a highly desirable niche. We locked ourselves in for the west coast as the only certified IT implementation providers for a popular EMR company. We plastered the site with images and rich content prominently displaying our partnership. This gave everyone entering our site the great understanding of what we do best and rid ourselves of the ADD site of the past; and at some point later on, pursue an additional site that is completely dedicated to storage.

There’s significant work yet to be done but the refocused efforts coupled with effective blogging has really increased the quality of traffic. This has already lead to a fair amount of call-to-action from prospective clients we love to have.

Medical practices are now able to find us organically through less saturated keywords. The next step is to produce more valued content, gearing more towards professional video. Then work with my professional network to link back to our site and utlize “link building” experts to further increase our organic visibility; and find other essential keywords that are not being neglected in our space.”