Wendy’s is back at it again! Or wait, just “at it,” because Wendy’s hasn’t gotten this much attention since their famous “Where’s the beef?” campaign back in 1984.


Wendy’s received a lot of press when they started an epic roast session on Twitter with a user who doubted their “beef never frozen” claims. It made headlines but Wendy’s hasn’t stopped there. They’ve continued their Twitter rampage with bold tweets that are making us laugh out loud. They’ve taken on a smart-ass attitude that has everyone begging to be trolled by @Wendys.


Not only have they increased their visibility, but they’re using the social media platform in a refreshing way. By connecting with the younger generation, they’ve fired back in a manner that the millennials can relate to. Sure they have their usual photoshopped photo, with a mundane CTA but it’s their witty replies, to satisfied and unsatisfied customers alike, that are causing the twitter account to skyrocket their following base.


In the words of Wendy’s, they are “spitting bars”, “not mean..just sassy”, and “doing fine” even with “a cuppa haters.” We can’t help but check in every hour to see what new, feisty responses she’s dishing out.

Here are some of our favorites:

The interaction that started it all
Thuggy-D even had to deactivate his account for a period of time but came back humble with this tweet.
Wendy's subtly roasted their competition...
And then they not-so-subtly roasted McDonald’s…

And Burger King...
...and even their fans(?)

Just when you thought they let the “frozen beef” comment go...
The square patties were a hot topic

And the roasts keep coming

By: Rachel Mubarak