Apple Trends that are Changing Everything

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This month we decided to add a little twist to our trends report. With all this iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2 hype, it’s hard not to have the entirety of this month’s trends revolve around Apple’s new releases. Enjoy!

1. Tech: Apple Technology

Technology is evolving more and more rapidly everyday and it seems like last month was a big month for new, improved, and just plain awesome new advances. We aren’t just talking about the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2 either, we have other releases to talk about:

Apple rebrands OS X as MacOS Mac Sierra.

tvOS or Homekit which opens dialog about IoT products and the tech war over the living room tv. (Roku, Amazon Fire, Xbox etc)

Apple’s Swift Playgrounds app is revolutionizing the way we learn how to code in a seriously fun way.

If you happened to missed the Apple Event this year, don’t worry, L7 Creative has you covered. Click here to get the Apple Event highlights in 107 seconds (try not to blink).

2. Memes: iPhone 7 Headphones

We think that the iPhone 7 should have a find my headphones app.

3. New Artists: Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes might not be a “ brand new artist” but this 18-year-old Canadian singer-songwriter stole our hearts when his top song “Stitches” came out. Shawn is killing the game and now back at it with his new hit song “Treat You Better”.

4. Fashion: Apple Watch Series 2 and Hermés Collaboration

High-fashion penetrates the tech world with this new collaboration. Hermés is a high-end luxury fashion label famous for its exclusivity due to their high price tags and a sophisticated reputation dating back to the 1800’s. This surprising collaboration is yet another reminder that the Apple empire attracts just about everyone. Click here for full details on the Hermés Apple Watch Series 2.

5. Entertainment: Apple Music Festival

The Apple Music Festival took place at the London Roadhouse this last weekend. With the popularity of festivals growing at an exponential rate, it should come as no surprise that Apple has wanted in on the action. The Apple Music Festival hosted big name artists such as Elton John, Alicia Keys, Britney Spears, and Calvin Harris. Since London was probably too far for most, here are all the festival highlights worth noting!

6. Celebrities: Celebrities Who Love Their iPhones

Smartphones have become a fashion trend and statement with many celebrities. We may hate to admit it, but we are all very much influenced by celebrities – anything they have, we want it, regardless of the quality or benefit. The battle of the smartphones is among the latest trends, with both Android and iPhone users claiming their respective brands are the best, and they won’t be convinced otherwise. However, among celebrities, it looks like the iPhone is the clear winner, but why? Click the link to learn more about why celebs prefer the iPhone over the Android.

7. Blogs: MacWorld

If you are looking for the latest updates on Apple products, Macworld is your best source for all things Apple related. They give you the scoop on what’s new and how to make the most out of the products you love. Check out their most recent video on the Apple Watch 2!

8. Advertising: Apple New Releases

We all love a good ad campaign, and it’s no surprise that Apple would take full ad-vantage of the opportunity to launch three new advertisements surrounding their newly released devices. The verdict? We love them, of course!

9. Mobile & Web: Apple Pay Officially on The Web

Still skeptical about Apple Pay? Click the link above to get details on its security measures, the fierce competition and the forecast in digital transactions. It’s no secret most of us are already averse to carrying cold hard cash – the good news? We may soon live in a world where both paper and plastic become obsolete. Cha-ching!

10. Sports: Apple Watch Series 2
Even if you’re not a workout junkie, the recently released Apple Watch Series 2 will make you want to get up and go! What’s so cool about this new release? Not only is the newest model officially waterproof, it also boasts an average battery life of 18 hours!

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