A truly thriving workplace goes well beyond what employees can offer from their intellect and tangible output. Employees, when thinking about their daily work itinerary, should consider their own health and well-being in addition to their work.

The formula for a healthy life is Healthy Body + Healthy Mind = Healthy Life. In the context of a company, the formula might be altered to Healthy Body + Healthy Mind = Healthy Company.

The point being, a person’s mind and body are interconnected and reliant on one another. Therefore, it is critical to be cognizant of both. Employees with good health and well-being will in turn produce better work for their employers. Therefore, it is also in the best interest of employers to ensure their employees are maintaining personal health and well-being.

There are plenty of methods to improve your health and well-being but you have to choose what’s right for your body and environment. We’ve identified some obvious and not-so-obvious methods below, all of which can be incorporated into your workday.

Exercise at Work!

In an ideal world, one should be maintaining their health and well-being well beyond the workplace. However, for those that are too busy to set aside designated time outside of their workday, there are simple ways to incorporate exercise into your workday. You can do several exercises in the comfort of your own chair, you don’t even need to stand up. For starters, while you are sitting at your desk, try flexing your abdomen and swiveling your chair back and forth. After a few minutes, you’ll start to feel that burn in your core. Don’t let yourself swivel too far, or you’ll do what I did and make a really embarrassing grunt as you were trying to line yourself back up. You can also do calf raises while seated. Try putting a heavy book on your lap for a little extra resistance. Other at-work health activities are standing at your desk, instead of sitting. Rather than calling your co-worker, try getting up and walking over to talk to them. When you’re walking to a meeting, take the stairs or just pick the long route for a few extra seconds of calorie burning. These little changes add up, and can add to your healthy lifestyle. For example, a person who weighs 160 pounds burns about 12 calories every minute while walking up stairs, while burning only 1 calorie while standing in an elevator.


(Rachel Mubarak, L7 Creative Account Service Assistant)


Meditation is a great method to improve your health and well-being. Some people think that the only form of meditation involves zoning out in some higher state of mind, eyes closed, and humming. Wrong! You may have been “meditating” your whole life and not realized it. Of course there are the traditional forms of meditation, such as guided, imagery, and mantra. These are great ways to meditate, but aren’t the only forms. Meditating goes well beyond these traditional methods. Meditating can include playing a musical instrument, drawing, journal writing, yoga, and more. Meditating can pretty much be whatever takes you out of your element for a period of time. It is a therapeutic period of time that allows you to disrupt your usual state of mind to reach a different level of consciousness. After a period of time, you may feel refreshed and replenished, maybe even euphoric. Employees should evaluate these different forms of meditating and identify one that suits their lifestyle, workplace and personality. Then find a time during their work day, even just for a brief five minutes, to practice a meditation technique that works for them.


(Jake Byrnes, L7 Creative Digital Media and Market Analyst)

More Water = Better Nutrition

Nutrition takes a huge toll on one’s health. It impacts more than just a person’s physical health but also their psychological well-being. Along with being in better shape, those with healthy nutrition habits tend to have more energy and be in better moods. An easy way to improve your health is simply by drinking more water! Some of the many benefits of drinking water include:

Relieving fatigue
Flushing out toxins
Improving skin complexion
Increasing energy
Promoting weight loss

There are times where nothing’s going to make the day better but a pint of cookies and cream ice cream. While the thought might make your mouth water, think again! Studies have indicated that high fat sugary and processed foods lead to laziness and poorer attitudes.

Copious Benefits

A number of benefits come from maintaining good health and well-being. These include not only physical and psychological benefits, but also work benefits. Yes, that is right…work benefits.

The physical benefits may include:

Strengthening your immune system
Lowering blood pressure
Decreasing stress
Boosting energy
Controlling your weight
Increasing cardiovascular health

The psychological benefits may include:

Clearing and controlling your mind
Lowering anxiety
Sleeping better
Boosting your confidence
Improving your mood 🙂

And if that’s not enough for you, there are also work benefits. After the physical and psychological rewards have taken their toll, the work benefits will likely present themselves organically.

These work benefits may include:

Helping you work under pressure
Improving your concentration
Sharpening your memory
Enhancing your creativity
Making you more receptive to learning


Make it a team effort at your company to ensure all employees are maintaining their health and well-being. If this is a team building activity, team members can motivate one another to continue their good efforts. Try “Meditation Mondays” or “Walking Lunch Wednesdays”. In turn, you will find that there is less stress around the office, better attitudes, and more efficient production times.