Each year in early September the curtain is peeled back and Tim Cook, a modern day Wizard of Oz, tells the world what the notoriously secretive Apple has been up to. This year’s Keynote Address combines overused adjectives and superlatives presented with beautiful imagery and storytelling. The Apple reveal “formula” has now been both admired and scrutinized for years. Here’s our breakdown of this year’s reveal event:

Apple Store

The retail “Apple Store” message was clear that these are no longer just Apple retail stores, they are “town squares.” Semantics in full view, the concept Apple’s pushing is to use these spaces as a place to collaborate and create. The Apple Kool-Aid was in full effect using terminology like “Teach Us Tuesdays” and labeling staff in these areas as “creative pros” to establish a sense of community around their stores.

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch had many interesting improvements and perhaps stole the show with its ability to finally unleash itself completely from the iPhone as a full-fledged stand alone product. Making calls from the watch is perhaps the greatest leap forward that was showcased during the demonstration. Cellular service is now directly built into the Apple Watch (Note: it will utilize the same phone number as your iPhone).

Apple TV & iPhone 8

Apple continued to demonstrate Apple TV 4K and iPhone 8 updates including Qi wireless charging for the phone which feels late to the party, but better late than never. However, most observers were intrigued to finally get to see the highly anticipated iPhone X, discovered later that it is pronounced 10 not “ex”.

iPhone X

The iPhone X leaks were confirmed including the new display that stretches across the phone’s front, nixing Apple’s trademark home button. Additional colors like space gray and silver were added, and of course the infamous facial-recognition technology was demonstrated. Unfortunately, Apple had some technical difficulties on stage and the Face ID was not as reliable as they had promised. However, Apple fans say errors like this have happened before, they’ll happen again, and it doesn’t sway where their loyalty lies.


Ultimately, Cook and the Apple team delivered a vision and passion piece that aims at inspiration in a way that would feel a bit much, except that it teemed in sincerity. Apple’s famous reveal of these new products and features, is no doubt another step forward in the Apple evolution with homage to the revolution of the original iPhone created ten years ago.