The Square Affair is L7 Creative’s collection of marketing trends built using our keen agency savvy. It’s meant to entertain, keep you in the know, and raise your cool factor.


Spotlight on the Square

Unleashing Creativity Through Office Design

At L7 Creative, it is of the utmost importance that we maintain an environment built for creativity. After all, “Creative” is part of our freakin’ company name, so we’ve got a reputation to uphold. There are countless office elements that can promote creativity, but we’ve put together our Top 5 to get you started. Read More Here



Measuring the Intangible: Experiential Marketing

Top brands are turning to experiential marketing in an effort to avoid ad dodging and create meaningful interactions with consumers. But quantifying the results of this impressionable marketing tactic is challenging. Check out how international brands M&M, Jaguar, and Mastercard measure their experiential marketing efforts. Read More on Adweek



SEO Myths Debunked

Lost in a sea of confusion over SEO and how to use it? We debunked common SEO myths to reveal how you can truly maximize your website’s success. SEO is here to stay and it’s not too late to get educated on how to use SEO strategies to your advantage. Read More Here


Social Media

Twitter Tests a 280-Character Limit

Twitter toys with the idea of extending their long-established character limit of 140 to 280, in an effort to increase regular postings from English-speaking users. Learn more on the rationale behind Twitter’s potential character extension, and the mixed reactions they have already received. Read More on NYTimes



Facebook Ads Getting Creepy

Are Facebook ads getting a little too personal? Leaked research reports from The Guardian indicate that Facebook might be capitalizing on sensitive information, such as mental illness, via targeted ads. There’s a lot more to learn about Facebook’s questionably invasive method of advertising and whether or not it’s impacting brand loyalty. Read More Here



From Pipe Dream to $500M Brand

With the recent passing of glorified pop icon Hugh Hefner, we reflect on his professional career, and how he came to be founder and editor-in-chief of a multi-million dollar brand. His journey was certainly far from ordinary and full of controversy. Read More on Business Insider



Responding to Viral PR Disasters

Exploding phones, bacteria-ridden burritos, and violent commercial flights. These public relations disasters took the internet by storm and temporarily tarnished brand reputations. Some reactions helped alleviate tension, while others only exacerbated the situation. Reflect on how these companies responded, effectively or counterproductively, in times of crisis. Read More on Adage


Author: Kelsey Pickert