The Square Affair is L7 Creative’s collection of marketing trends built using our keen agency savvy. It’s meant to entertain, keep you in the know, and raise your cool factor.


Consumer Behavior

How Do Brands Win Committed Customers?

We live in a day and age full of product parities. So it’s almost an anomaly when a brand is somehow able to win over die-hard loyal customers. Apple is one such brand – with 92% of iPhone owners only willing to purchase another iPhone when they need a new device. That’s some serious loyalty. What are the psychological factors driving consumers with extreme loyalty? Robert Cialdini’s “Weapons of Influence” has some influential factors in play, specifically commitment and consistency. Read More Here 



Which Brand Owns the Yellow Cereal Box?

Apparently, none. General Mills’ recently lost their battle to trademark the yellow hue used on Cheerios’ boxes. The reason being, there are simply too many yellow cereal boxes already and that “Cheerio box yellow”, really isn’t that unique. Ouch. Trademarking a color is no easy feat. Companies wanting to trademark a color, have to prove that it is a unique and distinct to their brand in the marketplace. Even though General Mills failed to own that yellow box, they still are the best-selling cereal franchise in the U.S. and we think they’ll be just fine. Read More on AdWeek



Tracking the Right Metrics

There is an overwhelming number of trackable metrics, from Cost Per Lead and Conversion Rate to Return on Investment, and the list goes on. How does a business track all these metrics and keep their sanity? The trick is to only select a handful of metrics, the ones that are most relevant to your business. Time is of the essence to define your Marketing Performance Report Card and optimize your marketing plan. Read More Here



Beware! Millennials Delete Apps

Millennials are the least forgiving generation when it comes to eliminating apps, with a staggering 21% of millennials that have deleted apps from their phones this year. Moreover, of all the time spent on mobile devices, 87% of that time is on apps. Therefore, it is increasingly crucial that apps design is user friendly and not merely an afterthought. Read More on AdAge


Social Media

Tinder is Making Bank for Their New Feature

We are entering an age of digital dating, and new dating apps are popping up left and right. From Bumble to Happn to Tinder, nowadays dating apps have to add unique features to differentiate themselves from the growing competition. This month, Tinder rose to number one in the iOS app ranking after implementing a new feature, “Likes You”. For an extra $4.99 per month (on top of the Tinder Plus monthly fee of $9.99), users can see who has “liked” their profile without having to like them back. How is this beneficial? Without this feature, you have to swipe through profiles of people that may or may not like you. With “Likes You”, you can swipe through only a list of profiles that have already “liked” your profile. Talk about efficiency! Read More on The Verge



The Challenges with Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is all the rage – and for good reason. Influencer marketing can be extremely effective, with 70% of millennials valuing influencer opinions over those of “traditional” celebrities. However, this strategy is not without caveats. Influencer marketing can be costly (sometimes upwards of six figures) and it can be difficult to measure your ROI. Don’t jump on the bandwagon until you’ve familiarized yourself with the high and low points of this strategy. Read More Here


Spotlight on the Square

We Love Movies

What better way to make it past hump day than allocating a half day to agency bonding? This past Wednesday, L7 Creative closed their doors early to have an agency-wide movie date. Popcorn, candy, booming surround sound, and recliner seats? Say no more, we’ll take it! The movie was Wind River and our overall consensus was “a tad gnarlier than expected”. Nevertheless, we all agreed that we felt like celebrities in this luxury theater.