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Tech: Next Gen TV

Every cord cutters fantasy will soon be a reality. ATSC 3.0, also known as “Next Gen TV”, was created a couple of years ago but is now near the end stages of development. ATSC 3.0 enhances the current type of free television by promising resolutions up to Ultra HD 4K TV, high dynamic range, better reception, and much more. This advancement has the potential to change TV culture in America.

Memes: Summer body 2018

It’s that time of year again. If you haven’t achieved your ideal summer body, you still have time! Let us know your favorite. Summer body 2018

New Artist: Lil Pump

He doesn’t look 17 does he? Lil Pump, who’s real name is Gazzy Garcia, has taken the music industry by storm. In recent weeks, his music has ranked top 3 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 list and he signed an $8 million deal with Warner Bros. He may not be well-liked in the industry or even by fans due to his antics, but it cannot be denied that he is the hottest name in rap right now (just ask his 12.3 million Instagram followers).

Fashion: Balenciaga’s Controversial Design

When a brand reaches a certain level of popularity, they can afford to have a slip-up every now and then. Balenciaga might have taken their new ambitious shirt design a little too far though, especially considering the price.

Entertainment: Summer of the Sequel

From family movies like “The Incredibles 2” to the not so family-oriented films like “Deadpool 2” this is turning out to be the summer of the sequel, and there are options for all types of movie-goers. Here’s a list of 15 movies you absolutely cannot miss this summer!

Celebrities: James Marsden

He’s come a long way since Cheaper by the Dozen. When it was announced that James Marsden would play Sonic in the upcoming film, “Sonic the Hedgehog”, it was a surprise to many considering he has no history of animated superhero roles. Starting as a video-game franchise created and produced by Sega, Sonic the Hedgehog has been highly anticipated since the announcement of the film release. James Marsden, we’re counting on you to make a great Sonic!

Sports: World Cup

Every four years our world is given the opportunity to put our differences aside and unify as we watch our nations compete against one another for glory. Given the nature of the times, this event can’t come soon enough. Whether you are rooting for a country or not, be sure to enjoy the games!

Advertising: Lurpark’s Delightful Food Ad

Food lovers- this will be the best thing you watch today. 10/10 production.

Web Trends: Instagram Story

Similar to Snapchat, Instagram now allows users to upload photos of their everyday activities onto their Instagram story which disappears after 24 hours. Instagram stories accrued almost 80 million more daily users than Snapchat in the short period of time since its release- this is remarkable considering Snapchat’s numbers took years to build. As Instagram stories have gotten more popular in recent months, it has created a new social trend and influences how we interact with one another in our everyday lives  They are also extremely popular for advertising and promoting products!

Blogs: Twitch

Every gamer’s second home. Twitch is the ultimate source of information pertaining to any videogame. Along with game-related content, Twitch has created a culture of inclusiveness and acceptance for anyone who joins the community- some of their posts and discussions include celebrating pride month with their LGBQT viewers. Check out their page and be ready to get exposed to diversity.


By: Sina Harsini