Property Masters Creative


Property Masters delivers innovative Single Family Residence & Rental asset renovation strategies and a concierge level experience that leads to maximum ROI for their clients. They came to L7 Creative with the goal to rebrand and elevate their brand and leverage their concierge level service - now referred to as their “Green Diamond Service” thanks to L7 Creative.


The objective of the campaign was to reposition Property Masters as the premiere real estate asset renovation company, serving; Banks, Private Equity Firms and Real Estate Investors. Creating a memorable creative strategy that conveyed the value of their services was our goal.


Like a master diamond cutter, Property Masters has a unique ability to transform homes into valuable assets. “Hidden Gems” uses striking visuals that convey the concept of transformation and support the quality residential asset renovations Property Masters' delivers to transform residential properties to produce high return on investment. The campaign was applied to all advertising and brand communications in 2021 which produced an unprecedented increase in business for the client.

Property Masters Hidden Gems Campaign by L7 Creative