Heating up solar sales

Summary: We helped a top solar installer revamp their brand, and developed a marketing plan to achieve market dominance.


With the Home Solar category experiencing an onslaught of competitors, solar installers started feeling downward pricing pressures. It was up to L7 Creative to shift the conversation from price to value.


If our marketing strategy was to be effective, we had to articulate Baker Electric Solar’s quality reputation. We did this by conveying value through all stages of the buyer’s journey. The key was educating and helping the customer make informed buying decisions, rather than directly “selling” them. The net effect fostered customer loyalty and helped to extend the customer lifecycle.

We discovered early on that competitors were losing a considerable amount of deals to inferior installs driven by “lowest price” offers. Two positioning options emerged:

1. Be cheaper; or
2. Be better.

Known for their superior products and expert installations our client chose the latter.

Enter the L7 Revenue Machine™

In our L7 Brand Blueprint™, we were able to turn Baker Electric Solar’s principles of quality, expertise, and integrity into a superior marketing message – it gave consumers a reason to engage at a higher price point.


L7 CREATIVE partnered with Baker Electric Solar to transform its digital presence into a robust, connected technology platform that delivered thought-leadership content, SEO rich editorial, the “Live ON” ad campaign, a state-of-the-art CMS website, digital strategy, referral program and brand strategy.

Blueprint Phase

  • L7 Brand Assessment™
  • L7 Brand Workshop™
  • L7 Brand Blueprint™

Hardwire Phase

  • L7 Revenue Engine™ Marketing Plan:Our proprietary marketing system focused on revenue goals

Build & Run Phase

  • Advertising Campaign
  • Web & UI/UX
  • Creative & Innovation
  • Referral Program

Calibrate & Refuel Phase

  • Lead Generation
  • Social
  • Web & Mobile App Maintenance
  • Media Planning
  • Content Marketing
  • SEO
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Illuminating the Brand Essence

Truly transformational brands are strengthened from the inside out, so we asked insightful questions and brought Baker Electric Solar’s leadership together to gain consensus and achieve brand alignment.

The process identified their brand essence and articulated a unique and compelling position that increased Baker’s perceived value and differentiated them from competitors.

The outcome was a brand framework to drive effective marketing decisions and creative strategy.

A Strategy to See the Light

Next we developed a customized roadmap and marketing plan. We identified the strategies and media that would be implemented in the channels where Baker’s audience is found, at specific times when buyers are primed to act.

So what happened? Guesswork was eliminated, and we had a game plan to unleash Baker’s story and full potential.

Revamping the Brand’s Visual Story

While typical solar companies were hawking features and sales incentives, we disrupted the paradigm and introduced integrated campaigns that resonated with consumers on an emotional level.

The “Live ON” campaign was crafted to communicate fresh, innovative ways to generate and manage energy and get the most out of life. The campaign skillfully communicates how customers can run their a/c and appliances whenever they’d like, go green with an electric car, ride out a blackout—in short, live for today and get set for a brighter tomorrow. All with the power of Baker Electric Solar.


Elevating the Online Experience

We went to work to redesign the Baker Electric Solar website. We applied modern, conversion-centric design techniques that funnel quality leads into the sales CRM and integrated our ground-breaking referral program.

The site featured a sophisticated design, quality UI/UX, and an intuitive navigation, impeccable code and web apps that make it easy to search for solar installations nearby and calculate energy savings.

The new site made it effortless for consumers to form a strong relationship with Baker Electric Solar. Experience the site: BAKER ELECTRIC HOME ENERGY

Applied Tech Services

Rocket Fuel

Igniting Digital Brand Engagement

Next, we executed the digital marketing strategies that produced consistent referrals and quality leads. Using proprietary analytics and marketing tools, we leveraged real-time data to refine, optimize, and improve our client’s lead generation performance.


A Brighter Approach to Brand Building

A significant strategy was the creation of San Diego Solar Day; an annual opportunity to educate and engage residential and business neighbors in the power of solar energy. With San Diego Solar Day we were able to differentiate Baker Electric Solar amongst the multitude of mundane competitors.

By harmonizing a variety of localized brand-building channels with digital media our team reinforced Baker’s positioning as the preferred solar installer in Southern California.

The result was increased brand awareness, and a positive impact on sales revenue.


Official Partner of the Sun

Sometimes simple is best. The elegant proclamation of: “The Official Partner of the Sun” positions Baker as THE leader in solar. The slogan outflanks the competition and delivers real brand equity.



Through digital strategy and execution of our 4-stage L7 Revenue Machine™, Baker Electric Solar is able to consistently raise brand awareness and online visibility, produce ongoing qualified leads, improve their marketing performance and protect their status of being a top home solar installer in Southern California.


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