Shocking results for a revolutionary smart home brand.


When a team of successful product developers, entrepreneurs and executives came to L7 Creative with a challenge to build an iconic brand we took it upon ourselves to hand craft a brand that would eclipse the multitude of competitors in the crowded IOT connected home category.


First up we listened as Brio detailed their innovative product and go-to-market goals. We then rolled up our sleeves and conducted our proprietary L7 Brand Workshop™ that led to the design of their revolutionary blueprint for success. It would become Brio’s hugely successful L7 Revenue Machine™, a 360 degree approach that included naming, logo, messaging, video brand narratives, CES tradeshow strategy and a crowd-funding campaign that hit its goal in less than 30 days. Next we installed our proprietary L7 Marketing Engine™ – a customized roadmap to unmatched market share, revenues and profitability.


Brio’s path to brand success has been meteoric. L7 Creative’s brand strategy helped Brio achieve their highest goals. We produced, deployed and carefully synced the many moving parts in the vast digital marketing ecosystem that delivered extraordinary brand equity. Their L7 Revenue Machine™ loves to run fast, hot and profitably, so we’re keeping it that way. We’ve brought cutting edge social monitoring tools and analytics to drive keen learning’s and insights which we use to fine tune their program.

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