Diversifying the STEM Workforce

DoD provides learning opportunities for students in elementary through graduate school with a mission to inspire and cultivate a diverse pool of exceptional STEM talent.


In spite of a competitive job marketplace, STEM graduates are in high demand. Unfortunately, college students were often unaware of the Department of Defense (DoD) as a viable option for their careers.


After receiving input from stakeholders at BEST and conducting our own independent research, L7 Creative developed a path for DoD STEM’s marketing journey. We gave BEST the brand assets and platform that clearly defined their brand’s positioning, promise, and target audience.

We determined DoD STEM could create momentum for their brand by focusing on their core brand principles and organization objectives. It was essential that the program’s message was articulated accurately and positively in all communications to the public and other companies. To ensure success in their marketing initiatives, we needed to generate confidence that they were a powerful brand with solid opportunities for prospective employees, partners and stakeholders.


L7 Creative concluded that DoD STEM’s website was their most important asset, and when designed and built properly, it could be a powerhouse for generating interest in STEM programs and improving their target audiences’ perceptions of the DoD.

L7 Creative helped BEST engineer a strategy to increase DoD’s workforce in STEM. We then transformed their website into an information source that would tell the compelling story of DoD STEM’s work in education, while also providing resources and tools to increase participation in programs and interest in careers. To communicate that DoD STEM was on the “cutting edge” of technology, we developed an exciting and dynamic user interface. We reinforced this message on a design and user experience level; the website design is clean, sophisticated, and modern, featuring brand imagery to evoke enthusiasm and engaging UI/UX.

Build & Run Phase

  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Web & UI/UX
  • Creative & Innovation
  • Mobile First Design

Calibrate & Refuel Phase

  • Lead Generation
  • Social
  • Web Maintenance
  • Media Planning
  • Content Marketing
  • SEO
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

The “ingeniUS” Campaign

To optimize their marketing potential, L7 Creative launched a complementary campaign called “ingeniUS”. The name ingeniUS positions their organization as an expert in recognizing and sculpting talent for the US. The name of the campaign accurately reflects DoD STEM’s innovative talent, technological know-how and overall pride in the US.

In addition to setting up and driving traffic to their YouTube channel, the campaign tells their story in a way that would be relevant to their target demographic.

Applied Tech Services



The key objective of the campaign is to showcase DoD STEM as a viable career choice for young people who are technologically adept. BEST was able to expand the talent and diversity that contributes to the DoD STEM’s mission. The website effectively promotes the breadth and depth of career and apprentice opportunities available with DoD STEM. With our assistance, BEST was able to amplify STEM skills in targeted geographic areas and programs, build partnerships between DC area schools and local DoD labs, and expand awareness of STEM career opportunities at the DoD. Check out the site: DoD STEM

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