The Evolution of Healthcare Recruitment

A leading healthcare employer called on L7 Creative to transform their recruitment strategy and build a powerful employer brand.


With the growing demand for qualified nurses, Eisenhower Health’s goal was to evolve their recruitment tactics from those being used by other healthcare systems. To add to the challenge, local hospitals were competing for the top nursing prospects, and the surrounding area was simply not able to produce enough qualified candidates.


L7 Creative recognized the need to go with a national campaign and leverage Eisenhower’s unique position as the top healthcare employer in an idyllic area. A tough job considering new hires would need to relocate.

To get the results required, we needed to bring Eisenhower’s recruitment strategy up-to-date. Step one was to select the appropriate digital channels, build an applicant lead funnel, and create a web experience to get applicants excited to come to Coachella Valley and apply to Eisenhower Health.

A Sustainable Strategy

L7 Creative developed a creative and complementary media strategy targeting, tech-savvy nurses. It had to engage candidates in the media channels they frequented and articulate Eisenhower’s award-winning workplace excellence, culture, and world-class commitment to their employees.


L7 Creative deployed digital marketing strategies to produce consistent, quality job candidates. Using proprietary analytics and marketing tools, we leveraged real-time data to refine, optimize, and improve Eisenhower’s lead generation performance. We created a customized technology platform that delivered thought-leadership content, SEO rich editorial, the “#LiveWorkPlayProsper” campaign, digital strategy, media planning and brand strategy.

Build & Run Phase

  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Web & UI/UX
  • Creative & Innovation
  • Mobile First Design

Calibrate & Refuel Phase

  • Lead Generation
  • Social
  • Web Maintenance
  • Media Planning
  • Content Marketing
  • SEO
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

The Campaign, #LiveWorkPlayProsper

The #LiveWorkPlayProsper campaign was strategic on many levels:

  • The message portrayed the all-encompassing benefits of working for Eisenhower Medical Center
  • It was designed in an “easy-to-share” hashtag format
  • Its modularity made it portable across all media and tactics

We carefully selected each word in the hashtag to portray the benefits Eisenhower offered. Furthermore, the combination and order of all four words accurately illustrated the unique journey that they grant employees; more than a paycheck – but a lifestyle. When working for Eisenhower and living in the Coachella Valley, you can enjoy the community, culture, and diversity of the region. There are countless recreational activities, restaurants, shopping, nightlife, and the list goes on. With Eisenhower, you can truly prosper.

A hashtag provided a vehicle for the rapid/effortless dissemination of the message through online channels. It also unified our digital and creative strategies perfectly. Not only was the hashtag shareable, but it resonated with their target audience.

EMC_social media

Reinvigorating their Digital Presence

To engage their target audience, they needed an accompanying social strategy. To do so, we implemented a game-plan that would develop Eisenhower’s online persona. This plan included blog posts, social media posts, employer branding video and social media campaigns – all intended to keep Eisenhower’s recruitment voice active and relevant. Our Employer Recruitment video brought the LiveWorkPlayProsper campaign to life and highlighted the many benefits of working at Eisenhower and living in the Coachella Valley. The video took home a Silver at the recent Aster Awards which recognizes excellence in advertising for the healthcare industry.

Eisenhower Health Video

Igniting Digital Brand Engagement

Next, we developed a state-of-the-art digital strategy to roll it out their new message. We completed a full redesign of their careers site that enhanced the candidate’s user experience. We integrated a recruitment and tracking software to allow Eisenhower to effectively analyze, plan and strategize their recruitment efforts. This enabled our team to base decisions on accurate, real-time data.

Applied Tech Services

Facebook Ads
Google Ads


Eisenhower Health experienced dramatically improved recruitment results, with an uptick in employee retention since the release of their new #LiveWorkPlayProsper campaign. And they are achieving their mission of bringing a high standard of compassionate care to their patients. Eisenhower has won numerous awards for workplace excellence, performance, and community leadership/involvement. In addition, L7 Creative has been honored with two gold awards for their website design from Healthcare AdAwards and Aster Awards. Experience the site: Eisenhower Health Careers

Website Design Awards

Eisenhower’s recruitment program continues to get better as we measure, learn, and improve.


Increased New Hires


Decreased Cost-Per-Hire


Increased Time on Site
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