A Transformation Worth Buzzing About

L7 Creative’s web redesign + branding photoshoot = results as sweet as honey


As the premier independent core fabrication company in the United States, MachineTek provides honeycomb and foam core fabrication solutions for aerospace composite companies who place a premium on high quality, innovative processes, and unparalleled customer service. They had just one fatal flaw—their dated website was not on par with their stellar reputation and would require a major overhaul.


MachineTek supports a wide range of customers’ complex and demanding core fabrication requirements. They have an impressive client portfolio and all of the certifications to prove their ability to meet the stringent, complex, and unique requirements of the defense and commercial aerospace industry. And with over 25 years of uninterrupted ownership, their team has earned a reputation as a company with top-notch fabrication, reliable delivery, and ultra-responsive customer service. Now they just needed a website that could showcase all of these essential attributes.


To set ourselves up for success, L7 Creative first needed to produce image assets and get their brand identity in order. To ensure that their brand ID was applied appropriately and would be for years to come, we put together a comprehensive brand standards guide – complete with color palettes, usage guidelines, spacing requirements, and more. This guide could be easily comprehended by designers and developers alike. We expanded their color palette to convey their corporate attributes as strong, professional, modern, and trustworthy.

Our next task was to plan, art direct, and shoot an employer branding photoshoot. The purpose of this photoshoot was to produce assets and an image library that would be used for the MachineTek website and future brand applications (sales sheets, presentations, website, etc). These images would serve as valuable resources for MachineTek’s branding and marketing efforts for many years.

With all the pieces in place, L7 Creative got to work developing their website. This included planning, UX, design, development, and deployment of the new site.


The final product was a sleek and modern website that boasted improvements such as mobile-optimized, modern design, and strong URL structures. We made major improvements to functionality to ensure optimal site performance. Our front end redesign showcased their content in the best light and, with optimized UX, it allowed users to find, search, and view the content most relevant to their needs.

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