A brand that’s not afraid to get nerdy.


Net Geek Solutions, San Diego’s innovatively managed IT service provider, challenged L7 Creative to build a brand to eclipse established competitors.


To start, we hosted our proprietary L7 Brand Workshop™ to develop the powerful insights and strategies that have become the building blocks for legendary brands. With the branding workshop complete, we created the logo, tagline and other brand assets that articulate the character of Net Geek Solutions, including the newly designed uniforms you’ll see Net Geeks touting. L7 Creative’s Hardwire Phase™ revealed a significant opportunity to leverage frequent customer pain points. Thus, the “Geek-Pak” pricing model was born. After L7 Creative launched their customized website, customers can report an issue or schedule a meeting all from their customer service portal.


With their disruptive pricing model and an innovative new brand, Net Geek Solutions has challenged the competition to step up their game. The competition better be afraid, very afraid. Experience the site: Net Geek Solutions

Net Geek Solutions Website
Net Geek Solutions Website
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