Renovating a Firm’s Digital Property

L7 Creative helped build digital equity for a commercial real estate consultant company.


Providing consulting services to the commercial real estate market nationwide is no small feat. It’s a complex industry that serves numerous clients and market sectors with diverse needs. To better position their firm, Partner ESI needed a plan of action to translate a wealth of information clearly and efficiently on their website.


L7 Creative determined that Partner ESI was in need of digital strategy and complementary technology that would allow them to transcend the rapid pace of the industry and stay ahead of the curve. With a risk averse audience, we knew that the key to success was to articulate Partner ESI’s real estate knowledge, seasoned team of professionals, and sophisticated project portfolio.

A Client Focused Strategy

A website redesign that would showcase their service offerings, speak the language of their customers, and provide seamless UX was in order. At the same time, the website would need to highlight their multidisciplinary team and comprehensive service offerings, with the ultimate goal of developing long-term client relationships with prospects.


L7 Creative rolled up their sleeves and got to work revamping Partner ESI’s website. We produced innovative design solutions that could support Partner ESI’s multiple business lines that allow for sharing content management. We created content relationships and tagging to reduce the need for manual updating, making content updates as easy as possible for staff members.

Build & Run Phase

  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Web & UI/UX
  • Creative & Innovation
  • Mobile First Design

Calibrate & Refuel Phase

  • Lead Generation
  • Social
  • Web Maintenance
  • Media Planning
  • Content Marketing
  • SEO
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Applied Tech Services

Google Maps API


Partner ESI’s website redesign resulted in a 55% improvement in site load time, a 16% decrease in bounce rate, and a 21% increase in page views. L7 Creative understands it takes more than solely a great design to reach goals, so we provide Partner ESI with ongoing website optimizations to help them achieve their goals. Check out the site: Partner ESI


Improvement in Site Load Time


Decrease in Bounce Rate


Increase in Page Views
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