Cannabis Science Reinvented

A full website redesign + e-commerce website + professional photoshoot = L7 Creative’s new direction for Phyto Pharma


While the phytopharmaceutical company Phyto Pharma was hard at work perfecting their proprietary process to develop innovative cannabis products, they had inadvertently neglected their website. As a result, their website wasn’t commensurate with these expertly formulated processes and products. In short, it needed some TLC. This would require a new website that would instill confidence in prospective investors and seamlessly spotlight their consumer brand, RehabRX. In addition, they would need a fully operating e-commerce site for their CBD product line, RehabRX.


Phyto Pharma’s proprietary closed loop seed-to-oil process, use of Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), and well-crafted IP protected strains were a few features that differentiated them from their competitors in this newly saturated field. L7 Creative knew these distinguishing qualities would be attractive to prospective investors. We also needed a strategy to bring their RehabRX product line to market. A consumer brand that includes everything from daily tincture and vitamin-fortified gummy bears to skincare and pain balm, RehabRX also needed the site to establish it as a premier line of CBD products.


To achieve their goals, L7 Creative designed and developed a compelling new WordPress website that imparted the science behind the products through visuals and copy. The new site positioned Phyto Pharma as a leader in developing products to improve the human condition and better the lives of those who suffer from disease. Experience the site: Phyto Pharma

Phyto Pharma website by L7 Creative
Phyto Pharma website by L7 Creative



In addition, we built out a separate ecommerce website for their consumer brand, RehabRX. To ensure their products were presented in the best light, we conducted a professional photos of all of their products.  Their new website satisfied two requirements – providing CBD education and the ability to purchase their products conveniently online. Experience the site: RehabRX

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