Better UI/UX is easier to see.

L7 Creative re-imagined an online eyesight assessment and designed a better way to learn about an individuals risk of Age-related Macular Degeneration.


SightRisk USA offers the SightRisk Assessment, a proprietary assessment that calculates the amount of risk an individual has to develop AMD. The big issue however, was that their customers weren’t signing up or showing interest in the assessment. They approached L7 Creative to help them improve the UI/UX of the assessment and promote the SightRisk Assessment direct to consumers.


We quickly realized that the current assessment was confusing and overwhelming. The assessment would require a complete UI/UX redesign. In addition, their current landing page promoting the assessment did not clearly articulate the value of the assessment, was not driving conversions, and lacked a mechanism for data collection and tracking.


To achieve their goals, the L7 Creative team created an integrated strategy that would drive targeted traffic to a new landing page and generate interest in the SightRisk assessment. Starting with a “testing” period, our goals were to judge the value of the SightRisk Assessment to the consumer market. We needed to gather insights, analyze data, identify opportunities, and measure the viability and potential long-range value of the SightRisk Assessment to consumers, SightRisk USA and SightRisk USA. 

SightRisk Assessment before


SightRisk Assessment after


Designing the Assessment and Tracking Data

L7 Creative began with a complete redesign of the UI/UX for the SightRisk Assessment. We transformed the assessment into a simpler multi-step form and organized the content within the assessment. The revamped assessment provided an optimal experience for the user – it was more engaging, better organized, easier to navigate, and provided more value to the user. To encourage sign ups for the SightRisk Assessment, our digital marketing team created a branded landing page that educated visitors on AMD and the value of the assessment. This page would also serve as a mechanism to facilitate SightRisk Assessment signups and collect customer data for future analysis. To drive traffic to the landing page, we created banner ads to display on websites their target audience frequented.

SightRisk Landing Page
SightRisk Landing Page


Harnessing all of the customer data gained throughout the process, SightRisk USA now has a clearer picture on customer interest level in their product, the appropriate pricing model, and the potential future conversion rate for SightRisk USA purchases following submission of an assessment. They also have the opportunity to re-market those who may not have taken the assessment their first visit.

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