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Precision equipment calls for a precise user-experience.


Torrey Pines Scientific has had a rich history of designing and manufacturing precise scientific equipment used in top labs around the world. Unfortunately, their website experience wasn’t up to par with the equipment they make – it was time for a new e-Commerce website with a platform that made it easy for users to research and select the right equipment for their lab.


Torrey Pines Scientific’s commitment to designing and manufacturing high-quality scientific equipment was the only motivation we needed to build a best-in-class e-Commerce experience. By creating a user journey where lab professionals and scientists could find the products they needed easily and based on exact specifications, Torrey Pines could easily increase their sales and become a leading source for lab equipment.


We started with an audit of their product line and updated the way they categorized them. To lay the groundwork for their online store we created a new custom WordPress theme that integrated WooCommerce into one cohesive system. Users can now select from options like size, temperature range, and more to find the perfect piece of equipment for their research.

Experience the site:

Torrey Pines website - before


Torrey Pines website design and development by L7 Creative


Torrey Pines Scientific eCommerce web development home page
Torrey Pines Scientific eCommerce web development
Torrey Pines Scientific eCommerce web development
Torrey Pines Scientific eCommerce web development
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