We’re more than a collection of mad geniuses, proud digit heads, creative savants and joyful taskmasters. We’re L7 CREATIVE and we believe that–

  • It’s cool to be Square
  • There is a science to the art of branding
  • Properly arranged, those digital ones and zeroes can make millions
  • What your brand does is only as relevant as how it makes people feel
  • Consumers want to be sold, like to be convinced, and love to believe
  • Audacity is a skill set
  • Building a great brand calls for bravery

We have the talent, courage and discipline to take your brand, and your business, to new frontiers.
Get to know us and see.


Tom Gallego

Tom Gallego

CEO + Director of Brand Strategy

When his plan to become the next Flea didn’t pan out, Tom hung up his bass guitar and quickly picked up advertising and marketing.

Before opening L7 Creative, Tom was Senior Regional Manager of I-Tel Media where he helped develop strategies essential to the launch of AOL’s Digital City. Later, he was part of the team that created Vuetopia, a video communitainment network.

Today, Tom oversees brand and account management strategy for award winning agency, L7 Creative. He's the author of Adapt or Die: How to Survive in the New Era of Digital Brand Engagement a guide to give the modern marketer the necessary tools to compete in today's hyperconnected and extremely competitive marketplace. Tom also sits on the Forbes Agency Council, an invitation-only organization for senior-level digital agency executives where he contributes expert opinion for readers of Forbes Magazine. Occasionally, and much to the chagrin of the staff, he has been known to whip out his... guitar.

Brand successes include: Kingston Technology, Gold’s Gym, Harman International, HyperX, iHome, Chimei, beats by dr. dre and Vizio.

Joel Black

Joel Black

Managing Director

Don’t let his quiet demeanor fool you. If you set up next to Joel at an Orangetheory class, you’d better be ready to battle. After many years in this competitive industry, Joel knows this is the perfect way to wind down after work … well, that and sipping on a properly made Moscow Mule or spending some time in the sky (Joel is a pilot and loves to fly).

Joel comes to L7 from an award-winning and nationally recognized digital marketing agency that was named as one of the 50 Fastest Growing Tech Companies in America in 2018. L7 is fortunate to have someone with 15+ years of experience in Digital Marketing, Marketing Automation, Social Media, Demand Generation, Marketing Operations, and Website Development. His in-depth knowledge in operations, marketing strategy, IT/Server management, execution, and marketing automation platforms will surely continue to make him a company asset for years to come.

Outside of work (and Orangetheory, of course), Joel enjoys watching his daughter, Reese, play competitive international soccer, listening to a variety of music (JT is a fave), and walking his two English Retrievers in his new hometown with wife Randee.

Theresa Boxberger

Theresa Boxberger

Director of Marketing

Early in her career Theresa taught High School Chemistry and Physics in rural Alabama and learned many things about the Scientific Method and human interaction, which she readily applies to our clients’ social channels.

She’s a California girl but is proud to be an University of Arizona alumni - she loves her Wildcats! Beardown!! True to her Family Studies & Human Development degree, she analyzes human interaction and consumers and is always interested in helping clients reach their social channel goals. She's worked with many top companies from startups to established consumer brands.

She’s an avid DIY’er…. “Why buy it when you can make it?!” and loves nature, music and her two black cats to the moon and back (Nike & Mystic). She also enjoys running, fashion and making new friends wherever she goes. Her favorite saying is “Work Hard, Stay Humble.”

Brand successes include: Kingston Technology, Eisenhower Medical Center, Wedgewood Weddings, E3 Housing, ConniUSA, and Baker Electric Solar.

Derrick Gallego

Derrick Gallego

Director of Customer Engagement

Derrick’s main hobby is his pursuit of a consistent golf score in the 80s. If you know anything about this endlessly frustrating game, you know this says a lot about his constitution. He likes to quote pro golfer Ben Hogan, who said, “The most important shot in golf is the next one.” This outlook extends to more than just golf for Derrick, as he is constantly striving to reach and exceed his next goal. This is what makes him the perfect fit in his role of Director of Customer Engagement, as he rises to the challenge of helping his clients to foster the brand loyalty it takes to make them successful.

He comes to L7 from the mortgage industry, where he spent over 10 years working for Wells Fargo and USE Credit Union. It was during this time that he honed his customer relations experience. He now uses these skills to help clients realize the value of their own customer interactions, whether online or offline.

When he’s not crushing his work goals, Derrick has his hands full with an active toddler named Rocky and another boy due this May. He enjoys fishing, baseball, and football. Derrick makes sure to include wife Samantha in his love of athletics when they watch the only sport she’ll watch, boxing.

Rachel Muburak

Rachel Mubarak


Rachel may only stand 5 feet 2 inches tall, but she more than makes up for it with her enthusiastic spunk. In addition to being a dog LOVER, who loves our four-legged friends as much as people, she’s always up for a good laugh.

Rachel started her career as a Kinesiologist, the study of the human body, but recently has shifted her enormous attention to digital marketing. Her experience on a major California research team has given her valuable insights into how consumers think. What has she learned? People are less predictable than canines.

Bob Burks

Bob Burks

Digital Art Director

Bob is no stranger to great design. Going back to his college days where he played lead guitar in his punk band he’s been pushing the boundaries of creative and coming up with award-winning design ever since.

He’s adept at creative strategy from advertising to website design and during his 15-year career he’s developed branding, advertising, web/digital design for top brands in a wide variety of industries, ranging from action sports to hospitality to healthcare. His favorite projects are ones that challenge his creativity and design sensibilities while his passion lies in the latest UI UX design trends.

Being a SoCal native Bob grew up surfing, camping, and hiking California’s beaches and mountains, all of which continue to fuel his creative inspiration. Outside of work, he loves spending time with his wife and two sons, enjoying a good carne asada burrito and listening to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

Brands Bob has helped grow include: MemorialCare Health System, Mikasa Sports, Hobie, Load Dynamix and St. Joseph Health.

Christina Generis

Christina Gineris

Creative Strategist

An important cog in L7 Creative’s planning and strategy, Christina unites the various fast-paced modern agency departments with her passion for the creative process. She's a problem solver who has your shared goals in mind. Her value to clients is her ability to creatively plan and strategize ways to improve your marketing results and brand. She straddles the business and creative sides of advertising, as a Marketing Strategist and Creative Consultant. It’s rare to find individuals who can successfully accomplish both jobs as a creative conceptor and strategist, but Christina does both extraordinarily well.

She has keen insights into the importance of planning, strategizing, and tracking metrics that translate to internal teams staying in tune with our clients’ business and industry trends. She’s earned the middle name of “get [email protected]#$ done!”

She is a fine artist in her own right and since she was a kid she loved making art. Today oil painting is her passion outside of work along with her two dogs, Peanut and Dorado.

Casey Brookings

Project Manager

Casey came to L7 Creative from a six-and-a-half year run as a Post Production and Project Manager at a well respected media design firm in the area. It’s hard to describe her work there without putting this in the form of a fast-motion video, as the scope of the projects that Casey oversaw would intimidate the most organized and dedicated of managers. From handling the high-pressure and deadline-oriented projects from LG Mobile Communications to managing commercial projects for Honda, SDG&E, Del Mar Thoroughbred Club, Qualcomm, and HP, Casey didn’t let these big names overwhelm her but, instead, she got the job done and done flawlessly. She also worked with many other reputable clients, including Ford, Viasat, and San Diego Tourism Authority, and the vast array of clientele has ensured Casey knows enough to be more than dangerous on just about any topic.
One of Casey’s biggest accomplishments to date came about by chance, as a client approached her firm to create an app to house the videos they were creating for them so they could have easy access at trade shows. Although the team had never done anything like this before, Casey volunteered to dive into these uncharted waters. Within a year and a half, Casey’s team had built a full-scale sales iPad app that their sales team could use in order to sell their products on the go. This resulted in enormous internal and client profit.

Casey brings with her to L7 Creative not only this incredible experience but also an ability to communicate that has made her transition from video into the multi-layered world of digital marketing a seamless transition. It’s easy to hear how much she enjoys talking with her team members and clients. Hop on one phone call with her and you’ll know your business, time-saving, and revenue goals are in the hands of an expert.

When not meeting and exceeding the goals of L7 Creative and L7 Advertising clients, this Gem State native loves on her adorable long-haired cat, Remi, and enjoys all things outdoors—hiking, camping, skiing, and beaching it.

Curtis Clason

Digital Marketing Strategist

As a San Diego native, Curtis is familiar with the locals and has found himself active in local comic and costuming conventions. He makes costumes and props by hand in preparation for conventions. His dedication to the craft is admirable and can also be noted when looking at his career achievements.

In 2001, Curtis decided to jump ahead of the curve and educated himself on web design and search engine marketing. Since then, he prides himself in being proactive with current marketing trends and has skillfully adapted to the shift from analog to digital. Before joining the L7 Creative team, Curtis sharpened his skills at another agency and devoted 5 years to managing the SEO/PPC of over 750 clients. Even with this large number, he consistently created a pleasant user experience that met the client’s level of satisfaction.

Such understanding comes with compassion, something Curtis has as he currently houses 2 rescue cats with his wife. You can find Curtis at a rock concert or a brewery (good luck because there’s over 155 breweries in San Diego), but don’t be discouraged because his other hobbies include gaming, VR, or anything Tolkien-related. Conversation will definitely come easy when meeting Curtis because of his many interests, so don’t be afraid to say hi!


Christine Tarantino

Financial Manager

Homegrown in San Diego, Christine is a true California girl.

Her cheerful and vivacious personality makes everyone in L7 Creative feel warm and fuzzy inside. Born into a large Italian/Irish family, Christine has learned the importance of family, wine, cannoli, and speaking her mind. Not only is this chick a blast, she’s got a lot of sense about dollars and cents.


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