Successfully launching a new beverage into a crowded consumer market requires a vibrant brand identity, eye-catching packaging, an intuitive eCommerce website and a buzz-building social media program. That’s what L7 Creative provided for Kannabooch.


The supplement drink category is one where there’s tremendous interest but also serious competition. In order to make a splash and create a positive, memorable impression on consumers, you’ve got to do things the right way. Your brand identity, labels, packaging, website, and promotional strategies have to be thoughtfully crafted.


With a name that’s as fun to say as “Kannabooch,” a playful design seemed like a natural fit. We created a brand identity and label that took a cheeky approach—a bold, contemporary color palette anchored in a fun, SoCal vibe. Next, we came up with a launch strategy that included a social teaser, engaging email campaigns and an easy-to-use eCommerce website.

The Impact

Combining the anti-inflammatory power of CBD with the probiotic power of kombucha into one great-tasting drink, Kannabooch has taken the supplement drink category by storm. Our brand design and new eCommerce website articulates their positioning perfectly.


Social Audience Increase


Incease in Social Impressions

Kannabooch logo

SoCal Brand Vibes

The custom type treatment and bold gradient we chose to use was inspired by the energy of Southern California. We doubled-down on the fun factor by highlighting the letters “BOOCH” because it’s so playful and memorable. We have no doubt you’ll be hearing “Give me that Booch” on beaches and at backyard BBQs throughout the region and beyond.

In addition to the primary logo, we created a versatile brand toolkit with a series of graphic elements that work together across packaging, social media and other applications to give Kannabooch a distinct personality.

Kannabooch brand elements
Kannabooch bottle label design

Looks good, tastes good.

At the product level, our team created custom patterns based on the ingredients of each flavor and combined them with a dynamic color palette and typography inspired by surf movie posters. The result is labels that you can almost hear declaring how delicious the drinks are and that stand out on the store shelf.

But the company doesn’t sacrifice quality in the name of fun. Custom bow ties on the bottle cap elevate the design and establish Kannabooch as a premium product.

The Kannabooch packaging design won silver at the 2021 Muse Creative Awards.

Muse Creative Awards Silver Winner

Enticing Kombucha Enthusiasts Online

Kannabooch’s online experience was carefully tailored for kombucha enthusiasts who can order their CBD-infused beverages from the website and have them delivered right to their door. Capitalizing on a clean and carefully designed layout, the shopping “flow” produces a fantastic user experience (UX) and makes purchasing products easy. In addition, the site has a robust resource section where visitors can get answers about all things CDB, kombucha and health and wellness.

Visit Kannabooch.com

Kannabooch web design

Building a Strong Social Community

We constructed Kannabooch’s social presence from the ground up. That process started with a strategic brand launch to get the word out and build anticipation for product availability. Then we moved into content creation and an influencer strategy to grow the audience.