November 13, 2019

How a Creative Agency Can Grow Your Business

Brand, Development, Marketing

Powering up business growth requires a marketing strategy that combines creativity with digital savvy that is so agile it can personalize offers based on individual customer preferences.

Today, an effective creative agency provides more than stellar graphic design and branding. Effective creative agencies should also provide strategic deployment of your company’s marketing via many digital channelswebsites, email campaigns, SMS messaging, and social media — in addition to traditional methods such as print collateral. Keep reading for a few things to look for when evaluating which creative agency you should partner with to help drive business and success.

Integrated Branding

By integrating bold design, creative advertising campaigns, with digital communication and technologies, a company can generate brand awareness, extend their audience reach, and garner a positive customer response.

A marketing agency with a strong creative design team can shape your brand in a myriad ways from logo design to tagline creation and then disseminate these assets in a variety of mediums such as print collateral, packaging, websites, and more. You can expand your reach and sales when partnering with a creative agency that is capable of combining the latest digital know-how with these key marketing tools:

Thorough Website Development

Desktop and mobile users expect digital interfaces that intuitively anticipate their behavior and address the needs for ADA compliancy. You business should have a website that provides excellent customer service and drives conversions.

A website that's developed with only a desktop user in mind, generally doesn’t work well when accessed on mobile. An effective creative website development agency will account for this, and develop responsive website that are optimized for a variety of devices. As our world becomes increasingly mobile-centric, this oftentimes means designing your website with the mobile version top-of-mind.

Other considerations when selecting an agency for website development include selecting one that:

  • Designs an interface that is simple to navigate and results in a seamless user experience (UX)
  • Accounts for various browsers and devices compatibility
  • Stays compliant with federal ADA rules
  • Designs a site that encourages conversions and ensures security of user data
  • Plans for maintenance and future iterations of the website

Digital Must-Haves

It’s important to develop a marketing program that is cohesive visually, verbally, and digitally. Judging whether a creative agency can help you accomplish these goals includes focusing on whether they are capable of implementing digital transformation must-haves. This includes online strategies such as increasing and improving the interactivity and cohesion between your website, advertising, and social media efforts. Another necessity the agency should provide is excellent analysis tools for media and data. Your agency should provide data and reporting that offers insights into how effectively your marketing efforts are at generating brand awareness, acquiring leads, and driving conversions.

Finally, seek an agency that knows how to design lead nurturing campaigns, engaging online content, and an excellent SEO strategy that will move your website to the top of the search results. All these factors will help your company in your quest for the holy grail of digital success. It just takes ingenuity, a good strategy, and a solid partnership with an agency that knows what they're doing to get there.

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