July 19, 2023

Unleashing Imagination: Exploring the Unreal World of Barbie Collaborations

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How Movie Sales Have Always Contributed To Barbie Marketing

The Barbie doll was launched in 1959 by Mattel but only took off in popularity after the release of the 1987 film Barbie and the Rockers. The movie introduced Barbie's friends and bandmates, sparking interest in the whole Barbie world.

In 2001, the CGI animated film Barbie in the Nutcracker was released directly on VHS/DVD. It sold over 3 million units in the first week, becoming one of the best-selling direct-to-video children's films ever. These unprecedented sales demonstrated the marketing power of Barbie movies.

The 2004 film Barbie Diaries was strategically released just before the back-to-school season, resulting in a surge in Barbie doll sales. The movie marketed Barbie's "passion for writing" and came with a Barbie doll that included a diary and writing accessories.

The Barbie movies are designed to drive interest and sales of the brand overall. The films portray Barbie with different careers and personalities, keeping the brand relevant. Each movie introduces new characters, fashions, and playsets - giving kids new products to desire and purchase.

DVD sales and TV broadcasts of the films introduce Barbie to younger generations. The brand has stayed popular in part due to the ongoing promotions around each new movie release.

Staying on trend, the movies maintain the brand's popularity and allow Mattel to continually roll out fresh products tied to each movie's themes and characters.

Barbie 2023 movie is already predicting 80-100 million dollars minimum in sales for opening weekend.

Barbie's Marketing Machine

'Barbie' marketing features a robust campaign of product partnerships, immersive activations and brand integration.

The Hottest Influencer and Barbie Collaborations of 2023

"Come on, Barbie, let's go party." Barbie is the number one summer trend of 2023, bolstered even more in popularity through Barbiecore, a 2023 fashion trend inspired by the iconic Barbie doll.

Here are some of the hottest Barbie collaborations:


Virtual Influencers 

Barbie has expanded her brand beyond just a toy doll and movie character, now establishing herself as a virtual influencer on social media platforms.

Barbie currently has 11.4 million subscribers on YouTube, 2.4 million followers on Instagram and 1.1 million on TikTok. This following ranks Barbie among the most successful virtual influencers in the world.

Virtual influencers are digital creations that have crafted online personas across social media to amass followings. These fictional characters mimic human internet celebrities in numerous aspects - promoting brands with fashionable content, participating in trending TikTok dances, and more. Though not real people, these virtual identities connect with audiences by exhibiting lifelike behavior on their accounts.

Social Media Influencers & Brand Ambassadors

Influencers are currently shaping trends and impacting our fashion, beauty, and lifestyle choices in a positive way. With large social media followings, these individuals significantly influence consumer behavior and mainstream culture. Beyond just being social media celebrities, influencers take on roles like entrepreneurs, brand representatives, and even serve as role models for younger generations.

It's remarkable how similar Barbie and influencers are - they both portray a dream life that captivates many. Both carefully craft their image, from Barbie's idealized world to the lavish lifestyles shown by influencers online. As cultural icons, Barbie and influencers alike drive consumer purchasing and behavior. Whether inspiring us through Barbie's perfection or an influencer's curated feed, these figures impact what we buy and how we live.

One of the most significant new social media trends is everyone wanting to be Barbie! If you haven’t tried it and want to be your own Barbie or Ken, you can create your Barbie selfie here!

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