November 20, 2019

5 Must-Have Elements of an Effective Digital Advertising Campaign


Are you beginning a digital advertising campaign, or do you need to improve an existing strategy? These days, that’s a smart move since digital advertising far outperforms traditional advertising strategies. Many times, it’s simply impossible to get the business traction you need any other way.

When done effectively, digital advertising can be a major turning point for your company. If things go well, your business could even experience, a ‘quantum leap’. If the campaign fails, at the very least you'll have the analytics and data you need to optimize future campaigns.

Although every successful advertising campaign will look a little different, the best ones feature a variety of integrated methods that all work in tandem with one another. Think of this variety of strategies as pieces of braided twine that make up a rope. With each additional smaller strand woven in, the rope as a whole becomes exponentially stronger and more useful.

Here are some must-haves for your digital advertising campaign.

Continually Improving Your Search Engine Optimization

Although paid ads are a valuable way to get noticed quickly, an organic ranking in the search results can be equally as impressive or noticeable to your potential customers and clients. But to achieve these ranking, takes time and the need to continually improve your SEO.

That means landing page optimization, regular blog posts, effective messaging, optimizing your photos, paying attention to mobile-friendliness, and much more.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your SEO strategy. The important thing to remember is it’s a journey where you never fully arrive. Each day and week you keep looking for ways to improve your SEO because high organic search results scream authenticity in the digital world like nothing else.

Getting the Most from Your Paid Ads

As you well know, you have plenty of options when it comes to paid search. The challenge is finding the right combination of ads to maximize your results. This could include:

Finding the right balance of ads on the right platform means understanding the age and interests of your potential clients and customers and many other complex factors. It also means regularly evaluating your results. And that’s where tracking and attribution come into play.

Learning the Story of Tracking/Attribution

Using attribution and tracking allows you to accurately understand the unique story of how customers respond to your digital advertising. When done correctly, you’ll be able to access every touchpoint of your customer, from visiting an ad to making a purchase.

Tracking and attribution are essential because they keep you from wasting time and money on strategies that aren’t working for you. This also helps you to increase the use of effective strategies. You’ll eventually develop a science-like method unique to your company that you can replicate for even greater success.

Automated Lead Follow-Up

Nurturing your potential leads is an essential step to building a loyal customer base. But it doesn’t have to cost you as much time and money as you might think. Automated lead follow-up through email or SMS notifications helps you to stay in touch with your customers any time of the day or night.

This allows you to keep your brand in front of your customers, increasing the likelihood they’ll buy from you either now or in the future.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Who doesn’t want more traffic to their website and more paying customers? Conversion rate optimization enables companies to improve the rate in which prospects convert into customers when they visit their website. A few tactics to optimize your conversion rate may include:

  • Adjusting your Call-to-Actions: This might be as simple as adding a button above the fold that's visible and clear to your website visitors
  • Shortening your Forms: Alleviate some of your visitor's hesitancy to fill out a form on your website by asking for less information upfront
  • Offer an Incentive: Create an eBook, discount, promo code, etc. that a visitor can redeem if they fill out the form

Need Some Help with Your Digital Advertising Campaign?

In summary, this is just a taste of a few digital campaign strategies. And although you can launch a do-it-yourself digital advertising campaign, that isn’t your only option. As the world of digital campaigns continues to become more complex, we’re seeing a growing number of marketing directors, CMOs and VPs of marketing who defer to our expertise to ensure their campaigns are successful.

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