Wedgewood Weddings

L7 Creative conducted a full rebrand, website redesign, and integrated digital marketing plan for the national brand Wedgewood Weddings.


With the cost of weddings skyrocketing, Wedgewood Weddings saw an opportunity to expand their unique ValSerVenience® model. Then they called on L7 Creative to help them embark on a national expansion of their wedding services.


Staying consistent with Wedgewood Weddings’ updated brand positioning, we revamped their brand identity—starting with a new logo, color palette and print collateral. To accompany their fresh look, we designed and developed a new website using Drupal 8 technology, which included phenomenal UX and UI design. Bringing it full circle, we developed a digital marketing strategy to ensure a steady stream of leads was always coming in.

A New Brand Design

The updated Wedgewood Weddings logo and taglines convey the uniqueness of their offering and form the foundation of powerful new positioning. Starting with the mark, we combined the most representative element in a wedding—the ring—and locked the Wedgewood Weddings “W’s” in an elegant and contemporary design. The large size of the diamond is intentional and intended to convey the message: “When you use Wedgewood Weddings, you can afford a bigger ring.”

The Impact

Once all the visual changes and new website functionality were in place, we launched an outreach and awareness initiative that included email, PPC, paid social and other tactics. The rebrand, website redesign and integrated digital marketing plan all work in concert to introduce Wedgewood Weddings and their innovative ValSerVenience® service to a large new audience—and one that is impressed by what they see and learn when they arrive at the website.


Increase in Facebook Conversions


Decrease in Google Ads Cost per Conversion


Increase in Google Ads Conversion Rate

Improved User Experience, Powerful Content Management, and Lead Generation

Wedgewood Weddings came to L7 Creative with a desire to find the optimal way for potential customers to explore, compare and contrast their 30+ event venues across the country. Not only did they want to improve the overall user experience, they sought to improve their experience as content creators.

We moved Wedgewood Weddings away from their proprietary content management system and into an open source CMS. Drupal 8 offered the scalability needed for their list of desired features. We strategized with them on how to model their data in a way that would be scalable and provide rich options for sorting and filtering of venues.

Eye-catching image galleries and slideshows can be managed from within their CMS and provide users with a rich set of tools that enable visual discovery. Also, the modern, elegant, attractive website and easy-to-manage content is “married with” (we couldn’t help ourselves) Salesforce connected forms.