September 14, 2022

How to be the Most Creative Person in the Room



The creative industry has some of the highest rates of burnout. If you are an individual who is experiencing this, you are not alone. Especially in the world of content creation, it can be overwhelming to stay on top of trends and ensure that you are putting out content that will yield the best results. Social media has changed the way this industry does business, and the overwhelming amount of content that is pushed in front of consumers' faces every day is astronomical. But as marketers, it’s our job to make sure the content we push in front of consumers is the content they remember. Creating content, advertisements, and creative assets for your brand has never been more cutthroat but there are a lot of ways to stay inspired in this fast-paced industry. Being the most creative person in the room is possible as long as you utilize your resources, work collaboratively and stay aware of the current climate and trends.

Use Data to Your Advantage

It’s easier to get creative when you have valuable data to dig through. Social listening is one of the most effective tools for gaining insights on specific topics. Seeing what consumers are talking about online and combining it with reporting mechanisms can help you develop new, creative strategies. Utilizing all the tools you have at your disposal when developing new strategies can help your creative ideas to flow seamlessly.

Put a Fresh Take on a Timeless Strategy

Social media tools have no doubt changed the way the industry functions but it can also be beneficial to implement strategies that have been tried and tested. Combining new and old business techniques is one of the best ways to keep ideas fresh and interesting for your target audience. There is always a demand for the latest and greatest idea, but if you take advantage of the strategies that have worked for you in the past and blend them with new ideas, you can develop a strategy that no one has seen before. Check out our recent post: Advertising: Then and Now, to learn how to seamlessly combine timeless and fresh creative ideas.

Host a Creative Whiteboard Session

For those who work in a group setting, one of the best ways to generate some creative energy is to get help from your teammates. When you have a productive group brainstorming session it can feel like a win and help with team camaraderie during a project. Burnout is avoided more easily in these types of settings because group brainstorming sessions can feel refreshing and new. Techniques like brain writing, rapid ideation, and figure storming come highly recommended by professionals as a way to stimulate creativity.

Become a Sponge

Many people say that someone good at their job, especially in the content writing or content creating universe, is only ever as good as their research. To ensure you are up-to-date with different themes and trends in the industry, you need to be reading, every day and all the time. Steve Jobs was one of the first to say that nothing is ever truly original, which means that knowing how to use the inspiration you receive from others while generating your spin on that knowledge is what makes someone truly successful.

Stay Passionate and Allow Yourself to Take a Pause

One of the best ways to keep your creativity at a high is to maintain your passion for your work. If you are invested and truly care about what you do, it can increase your chances of being successful. If you find something to be passionate about with every project or idea you present, you’ll be much more likely to avoid burnout. People who are passionate about their work can be faster learners, make fewer mistakes, and stay motivated for longer. Being passionate about your work and your creativity go hand in hand, especially when you are trying to come up with new ideas because doing so can yield better results.

If you need more tips on coming up with unique strategies and creative ideas to present to clients, make sure to keep up with all of our L7 Creative blogs.