September 9, 2021

L7 Creative Launch the Digital Marketing Podcast “Adapt & Thrive”


L7 Creative expands your knowledge with our newly launched digital marketing podcast “Adapt & Thrive: A Survival Guide for the Modern Marketer”. The digital marketing landscape is constantly changing, so adapting in real time is imperative to a brand's success. Our podcast was created to help marketers stay current with the latest techniques, skills, tech stacks and more.

Listeners will gain insight into the latest trends in digital marketing, social media techniques, branding and positioning strategy that are needed to be successful today and tomorrow. 

Who are the Hosts of Adapt & Thrive?

Gear up for some friendly banter with our entertaining hosts and meet special guests along the way. First, we have mastermind Tom Gallego - CEO of our award-winning agency and member of Forbes Agency Council. He’s also the author of the book Adapt or Die: How to Survive in the New Era of Digital Marketing, which is the precursor to our podcast. With over 30-years of advertising and branding experience, Tom offers a unique perspective for markets who want an edge over an ever-increasing competitive landscape. 

Tom’s sidekick is Kate Houser, a rockstar social media professional with the touch of Midas. If you want to know how to craft “gold content”, her expertise in social media platforms, trends and algorithms can help you get there. As an influencer herself, Kate excels in captivating audiences with a lot more than zany captions and colorful images. Naturally, it was a no-brainer to get her unique humor on the podcast (and maybe TikTok next). 

Where can I Listen to the Digital Marketing Podcast?

Join us on Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts, Audible, Spotify, PodBean and Podbay. Typically, we like to keep the episodes bite-sized so you can listen on your way to work or during a lunch break. Also, each episode is available to download for added convenience. 

How Many Episodes are Available?

The first episode debuted on May 26th with a brief introduction from our two hosts. Following the launch, we’ve completed four more episodes with special guest stars Erik Ljung, a marketing CTO and Patrick Mahaffey, CEO of GoodLife. Both are respective leaders in digital brand engagement and we’re honored to learn from their personal trials and tribulations in the area of launching products, services and growing brands.

On our most recent episode, “The OG on IG”, Tom and Kate do a deep dive into Instagram Marketing, so deep that we split it into TWO episodes!You can expect new episodes to drop every month with an exciting lineup of renowned marketing professionals.

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