Educating the Affordable Housing Industry

L7 Creative transformed E3 Housing Solutions’ brand and launched an immersive online e-commerce platform.


L7 Creative assisted E3 Housing Solutions in creating a disruptive subscription training and supportive services model for the HUD housing industry. First, E3 Housing Solutions would need to position their brand as the leader in 360° Compliance Training™. Next, they would need an intuitive application to enhance operational efficiency and replace the logistical challenges of their in-person training. L7 Creative accomplished both by designing an immersive digital experience.


With a growing demand for online training, we identified an untapped opportunity for E3 Housing Solutions to reach their target audience. By offering valuable online training resources, they could become the leading source for education in the Affordable Housing industry.


The L7 Brand Blueprint™ and L7 Marketing Machine™ phases would help us define their brand positioning, target demographics and develop a comprehensive marketing plan to solidify their business model. Next, we would combine e-commerce and e-learning by designing an innovative subscription-based learning portal that allows users to enroll in courses, then pay for subscriptions, and eventually become certified by viewing the online training video series.

Build & Run Phase

  • Web & UI/UX
  • Creative & Innovation
  • Mobile First Design
  • Video Production

Calibrate & Refuel Phase

  • Lead Generation
  • Social
  • Web Maintenance
  • Media Planning
  • Content Marketing
  • SEO
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
E3 Housing Website

An Affordable WordPress Solution

Our next challenge was to craft a unique user experience that would embody E3 Housings Solutions’ brand and resonate with their target audience. Leveraging existing technology was the clear pathway to success for their subscription-based learning platform. WordPress plugins like WooCommerce and LearnDash provided a solid foundation for e-commerce and e-learning.

With a handful of features available from these technologies, we could focus on extending and customizing them rather than reinventing the wheel. We created a new theme for WordPress which provided additional configuration, new components, templates, and styling options that blended WooCommerce and LearnDash into one cohesive system. Users can now subscribe to video based courses and manage their accounts through their own personalized dashboard.

E3 Housing Video Series
E3 Housing Responsive Web Design and Development
E3 Housing Web Design and Development

Applied Technology

Woo Commerce
Learn Dash
Pay Pal


By harnessing what we learned from the L7 Brand Blueprint™ and L7 Marketing Machine™, we uncovered a long-term and sustainable path to success for E3 Housing Solutions. We built a scalable online platform that would maximize their reach with their target audience and helped them achieve their business goals.

We crossed the finish line with an affordable solution for a big request, and great user experience. Not too shabby. Check out the site: e3 Housing Solutions

What Our Client Says

“With L7, we have been able to build a viable income-producing business model unique to our industry. What I feel is most impressive about L7 are the people who work there. Their whole team are experts in their field and willing to go the extra mile for their customers.”

Robin Fox, Professional Development ManagerClient: E3 HOUSING SOLUTIONS
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