Amplitude + Attitude. We turned it up to 11.


iHome was one of the first companies to acquire docking licenses from Apple®. But the marketplace quickly exploded with iPod docking devices, and soon iHome was desperately seeking differentiation— plus major marketing muscle. So they called in the def branding posse at L7 Creative.


Unleashing the L7 Revenue Machine™, we organized a workshop to better understand iHome’s challenges. That spawned breakthrough strategies that led to daring national advertising campaigns for the launch of iP1 and iA5 products, and award-winning television spots for the iP1 launch.


Dockin’ amazing. We’re talking award-winning television spots for the iP1 launch, and one of the most successful product launches in iHome history.

iHome “Personal Engineer” TV Spot
iHome “Rare” TV Spot
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