August 24, 2023

10 Biotech Marketing Strategies that Drive Growth


The biotechnology and pharmaceutical spaces are highly competitive and rapidly evolving. A strategic marketing plan is essential for companies to differentiate themselves, engage customers, and accelerate growth. At L7 Creative, we specialize in data-driven marketing for science, health tech, and biotech organizations. Our team has over 20 years of experience helping brands break through noisy markets.

In this post, we’ll outline effective marketing tactics tailored for the biotech and pharma niches. Implement these best practices to elevate your brand, generate qualified leads, and boost sales.

1. Dominating Growth through SEO Optimization

Make sure your website captures attention and conveys industry leadership. Useful optimizations include:

  • Performing keyword research to identify terms your audience uses when searching. Organically incorporate these throughout your content.
  • Crafting compelling titles, headers, and meta descriptions optimized with your focus keywords.
  • Regularly publishing fresh, helpful content focused on topics and questions your audience cares about.
  • Following technical best practices like fast load times, responsiveness, and clean coding.

For one of our medical device clients, Medmont, we redesigned their site into an immersive, informative hub showcasing their technical expertise. This transformation of their online presence established them as global innovation leaders. Thoughtful SEO improvements can similarly help drive more relevant organic traffic to your site.

Medmont website
Medmont’s new website was tailored to their users' needs and communicated their products' superior benefits.

2. Strategically Leverage Content

Consistently creating educational content boosts expertise and trust. Develop a variety of content types like:

  • Blog articles explaining complex industry topics.
  • Ebooks or whitepapers diving deeper into niche issues.
  • Short videos that provide tips or answer common questions.
  • Infographics simplifying complex information.
  • Podcasts featuring expert interviews.

Promote this content across social media, email, paid ads, guest posts, and your site. With Triaj, a new diagnosis-specific, cloud-based APP that guided “just-in-time” medical care for an injured child, L7 creative developed a content calendar that addressed the most pressing questions that our clients target demographic had.

3. Boost Branding on Social Media

An active social media presence lets people discover and connect with your biotech brand online. Effective strategies include:

  • Sharing updates like industry news, product highlights, company announcements, behind-the-scenes content, and user-generated content
  • Joining discussions using relevant hashtags like #biotech
  • Partnering with influencers in your space for co-created content or endorsements
  • Running occasional promoted posts to expand your reach and get content in front of more of your target audience
  • Responding to comments and questions to foster engagement
  • Using visually compelling images and videos

A strategic presence builds awareness through regular posting while positioning you as an approachable authority. Cost-effective tools like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can help drive an audience over time.

For example, when health tech startup Triaj needed pre-launch buzz, our tailored social media strategy helped them surpass their goals and reach their core user base.

4. Drive Leads Through Targeted Ads

Paid advertising provides greater precision in reaching your target audiences than organic methods alone. Useful strategies include:

  • Targeting your ads very narrowly to only reach your ideal demographics, including job titles, disciplines, and company sizes/industries that align closely with your offering.
  • Continually A/B testing elements like ad creative (images, headlines, text), calls-to-action, layouts, colors, and ad placements to optimize performance.
  • Driving traffic from ads to tailored landing pages that speak directly to the advertisement and include clear calls to action.
  • Retargeting people who previously visited your website to re-engage them when they're on other sites.

Options like Google Ads, LinkedIn Sponsored Content, and Facebook ads can significantly boost lead generation for your biotech company when coordinated strategically across your overall marketing activities, both paid and organic. 

5. Stay Top of Mind with Email

Building your email subscriber list allows you to nurture relationships and stay top of mind over time continually. Practical email marketing tactics include:

  • Offering gated premium assets like whitepapers, ebooks, demos, or trials in exchange for email sign-ups to grow your list.
  • Segmenting your list by information like job role, specialty, and company size/industry to send content tailored to each group’s interests/needs.
  • Setting up email automations and sequences to drip feed with helpful information that engages subscribers and moves leads down the funnel.
  • Promoting new blog content, videos, webinars, and other educational resources through emails to keep providing value.
  • Sending special offers, promotions, and discounts to current customers to upsell or cross-sell additional offerings.

When executing a targeted email campaign focused on driving beta users for our client Triaj’s product launch, we generated 2X their initial signup goal for beta product testing.

Successful email marketing generated awareness and drove signups for Triaj app downloads

6. Expand Reach through Partnerships

Forming strategic partnerships with complementary companies and organizations can help expand your visibility by tapping into new audiences. Effective ways to collaborate include:

  • Co-marketing campaigns where you promote each other's offerings and run joint initiatives.
  • Producing co-branded content like ebooks, infographics, videos, and webinars that speak to both audiences.
  • Exhibiting jointly at industry trade shows and events.
  • Implementing referral programs where partners are compensated or rewarded for new leads referred.
  • Tapping into partner email lists, website visitors, social followers, and other assets to cross-promote.

7. Create Connections at Events

Industry conferences, seminars, trade shows, and other in-person events provide valuable face-to-face networking and lead-generation opportunities. Strategies to maximize your impact and connections include:

  • Having an eye-catching, branded booth with good visibility to stand out.
  • Exhibiting new products/services and showcasing your offerings through demos and collateral.
  • Collecting lead details through scans, contests, and giveaways for future sales/marketing follow-up.
  • Sending knowledgeable team members who can engage attendees and build relationships.
  • Promptly following up with leads and connections made at the event to continue nurturing.
  • Maintaining an active social media presence using relevant hashtags before, during, and after events.

In-person events allow you to interact with and build buzz among potential customers directly. For example, our integrated campaign work with Gen-Probe included crafting trade show promotions that significantly expanded their international reach and connections and led to a $3.8 billion acquisition

8. Orchestrate Marketing Across Channels

An integrated marketing strategy seamlessly combines and coordinates efforts across multiple channels and platforms for consistency. Tactics to unify your strategy include:

  • Ensuring consistent branding, messaging, and visual assets across channels like your website, ads, email, social media, etc.
  • Cross-promoting initiatives, content offers, and campaigns across different platforms to amplify reach.
  • Maintaining aligned messaging when retargeting audiences in different places.
  • Linking to landing pages and offers across multiple campaigns to weave everything together.
  • Repurposing content like blog posts, videos, and graphics across channels.
  • Using multi-channel analytics that identify successes to double down on.

Taking an orchestrated approach makes the customer journey cohesive while reinforcing your core brand story over time. Consistent, coordinated messaging across channels can greatly amplify results.

9. Leverage Customer Reviews and Case Studies

Positive customer reviews, testimonials, and case studies build trust and credibility for your brand. Leverage these by:

  • Adding excerpts on your website's homepage and product/service pages.
  • Creating a dedicated reviews or testimonials page to showcase praise.
  • Publishing in-depth written and video case studies showing specific examples of success.
  • Promoting reviews and case studies on social channels.
  • Including in sales materials and emails to prospects.

Evidence of satisfied customers provides powerful social proof.

10. Conduct Competitive Analysis

Conducting competitive research on competitors' websites, content, product offerings, pricing, and messaging can provide valuable intelligence to inform your marketing strategy. Useful areas to analyze in their positioning include:

  • Their website messaging and content formats
  • Product features and marketing claims
  • Pricing structure and sweet spots
  • Social media presence and engagement tactics
  • Thought leadership content gaps you can fill

The key is identifying their positioning/messaging, content gaps to fill, audience engagement tactics that resonate, weak spots to outperform, and opportunities to tailor your strategy based on the intelligence gathered.

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We know what it takes to craft marketing campaigns that resonate with your audience and deliver results. To learn more about how L7 Creative can help grow your biotech or life sciences business, contact us today to discuss your goals. Our team is ready to partner with you to build your brand and secure market share in your niche.