Our proprietary process transforms brands, drives change and creates real value that drives growth. Read about our process in our new book, Adapt or Die (available through Amazon Books). Our capabilities in digital strategy, interactive, advertising, media and data analytics, produce transformational results that allow our clients to achieve leadership positions.


Digital Marketing

Fractional CMO

Get CMO level talent in your company without having to incur the costs of a full time headcount with our internet marketing experts. We provide broad based and on-demand perspective in best practices for customer acquisition funnels, sales pipeline development, and marketing execution.

Marketing Plans

The L7 Marketing Machine - a process driven marketing plan fully customizable to your organization's goals. Our digital agency offers Product & Service Rollouts, Brand Blueprint & Architecture Workshops and Competitive Analysis in our comprehensive marketing package.

Search Engine Marketing

We provide Content Marketing, Paid Media Management, Amazon Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization, SEO, Social, Influencer Marketing, Email, & CRM Integration.

Demand & Lead Generation

You get Lead Nurturing Campaigns, Direct Response & Email Campaigns, Event & Strategy Planning & Social Media Programs that Drive Awareness.

Analytics & Optimization

As part of our service we Plan, Forecast & Benchmark & Measure Audience Data, Analytics & Insights.

The L7 Marketing Machine

Our Digital Marketing Process

Blueprint Phase

The most powerful machines start with a revolutionary design. Your L7 Marketing Machine™ is no different. The Blueprint Phase is where we research, analyze and partner with you and your team, listening carefully to understand your vision, business goals and competitive landscape. The result is a proprietary L7 Brand Blueprint™ showing you exactly how your brand, products and services can stand out from the crowd and be desired.

Blueprint Phase
  • L7 Brand Assessment™ – This assessment survey is an efficient way for you to be heard and communicate insights into your business, brand and marketing goals. In addition to providing valuable answers, the survey will stimulate additional strategic thinking by your team and ours. Your answers will be integrated into our workshop.
  • L7 Brand Workshop™ – In this full-day, “roll your sleeves up”, workshop, our team will work with your key stakeholders to craft your positioning statement, an executive summary of workshops findings, and a top-level marketing strategy.
  • L7 Brand Blueprint™ – Your very own framed, 3’ x 5’, Brand Blueprint that will serve as a constant visual reminder of your roadmap to success and keep your team on track.

Build & Run Phase

Advanced engineering is key to making your L7 Marketing Machine™ run at top RPMs (Results Powered Marketing). Here, our team of expert analysts, technologists, project managers, digital marketers and creative savants generate the big ideas that add revenue-building capacity to your engine, connecting it to the external marketing software that track and generate leads, conversions and lifetime customers based in San Diego or worldwide. In this phase, you’ll also get a winning Marketing Plan — laying out exactly how we’ll make your products and services reach their true potential. Your actionable plan will be complete with a marketing technology stack, timelines and budget.

Build & Run Phase
  • L7 Marketing Machine Plan™ – your customized powerplant for unmatched market share, revenues and profitability. Your plan will contain the following sections: Scope & Positioning, Product and/or Service Roadmap, Revenue & Growth, Marketing & Communication, Creative Strategy, Selling & Media, and a Marketing Calendar.
  • L7 Marketing Technology Stack – We’ll carefully sync the many moving parts in the vast digital marketing ecosystem to start delivering a quick return on your investment. Your prescribed marketing technology stack should consist of: Award Winning CRM, Local Listing Management, Content Launch Software, Competition Monitoring Software, Analytics & Monitoring Software, Website Activity Tracking Software, Social Media Management Software, and Marketing Automation Software. Your prescribed activation channels: Paid Social Channel(s), Paid Search Channel(s), Email Marketing, and Remarketing Software

Calibrate & Refuel

With your marketing machine fully setup, we’ll hit the accelerator and surpass your goals. Your L7 Marketing Machine™ loves to run fast, hot and profitably.
With our cutting edge monitoring tools and analytics, we’ll drive keen learnings and insights. We’ll keep tuning your engine to optimize greater payoffs and constantly refuel with new enhancements. (We’ll also be there with big smiles, fresh ideas — and snacks for everyone.) Congratulations. L7 Creative is making your brand legendary, your results extraordinary.

Calibrate & Refuel Phase
  • L7 Marketing Machine Management – Social Channel Management, Website Maintenance & Enhancements, Asset Creation, Content Marketing, Paid Search & Paid Social, SEM
  • L7 Analysis & Accountability – Website Heat Mapping, Performance Monitoring & Analytics, Call Tracking, Management Reports

A Few of Our Digital Marketing Projects

Case Study

E3 Housing Solutions

By harnessing what we learned from the L7 Brand Blueprint™ and L7 Marketing Machine™, we uncovered a long-term and sustainable path to success for E3 Housing Solutions. We built a scalable online platform that would maximize their reach with their target audience and helped them achieve their business goals.

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Case Study

True North

Not long into our 8-hour collaborative brand workshop with True North stakeholders, an aha moment emerged: a unified vision for the company. By the end of the full day L7 Brand workshop, our team helped them come up with a new company name and tagline that aligned with their positioning and business goals. Our team subsequently used this newly honed brand image to update their website and create the collateral for the FinTech conference, LendIt 2019.

Check Out The Full Case Study
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