March 11, 2020

Top Three Things You Should Know About Responsive Website Design


Top Five Things You Should Know About Responsive Website Design

If you were around in the 1990s, you remember plenty of websites with plain text and static pictures.  While you may occasionally still see that design today, it generally will not represent cutting edge businesses.  Today's websites contain bots designed to answer questions, picture carousels, and even automatically loading videos. While it is true that not every website needs to be this extravagant, there are a few website updates that are absolute necessities. If your business has a website, responsive website design is one phrase you and your IT resources must understand.

What Is Responsive Website Design?

Responsive website design means creating a website that can match the needs of the web browser. Modern consumers access the web on a variety of devices, including tablets, laptops, phones, and desktop computers. Your website must adequately display information for every potential consumer no matter the end device.  That means the size, shape, and limits of the frames on the page must fit the accessing device. What is more, the page must be designed so that it will be equally attractive for every device.

Serving Customers With Disabilities

Another thing to keep in mind is that website design must accommodate people with disabilities. There are a number of applications online that can enlarge text for people with eyesight issues.  As our population ages, you certainly do not want a website that makes reading uncomfortable for a large segment of the population.

Other applications can read the text and describe images for people who are severely visually impaired.  Again, the text on your website should be accessible to those potential consumers on all devices.  If your website contains podcasts or videos, you may want to think about providing the text on your website. While there are applications that can use bots to transcribe text for the consumer, you want to control your language as much as possible.

In some cases, your company may even be sued for failing to provide accommodation to a person's disability. This is the kind of thing you want to research and implement proactively.

Responsive Web Development Speaks To Your Customer Awareness

Remember your website doesn't just advertise your products and services. It also stands as a symbol of your brand. Just like brick and mortar stores, your website design is the first thing consumers see that is fully controlled by your company. If your website looks poorly designed to a customer viewing the site on a phone, they will not likely check to see if it looks better on another device. They will more likely just move on to the website of a competitor or even assume your company lacks a certain level of professionalism.

Don't Delay Your Redesign

You do not want to miss customers because they could not access your site. Contact L7 Advertising today to make your website work for every browsing customer!