February 12, 2020

Why Your Brand is the Most Important Part of Your Business


Why Your Brand is the Most Important Part of Your Business

It used to be that in order to have a brand, all you needed was a sign, slogan, or logo. As more and more businesses enter the market, it becomes more and more important to set yourself apart from the competition. Unique branding is now part of a comprehensive marketing strategy and should be one of the first things you discuss as you build your business. There are a variety of marketing strategies you might use to grow your brand, but here are the top three places to start.

Brand Assessment

The first step in a brand assessment is to prepare a list of questions that helps you explain how you want your brand to be perceived by the public. Do you want them to think you're innovative? Compassionate? Affordable? Then, you'll take a look at the various pieces of content you put out into the world and evaluate how well your target message gets across. Look at the pages on your website, blog posts, white papers, infographics, social media posts, guest appearances, and more. Does your audience's vision of your brand align with who you say you are? Why or why not?

Website Optimization

Once you've developed a baseline for where you are and where you want to be, you can begin to assess your number one source of information - your website. An effective brand marketing campaign will start with owned content, which is content that you create and house on your own platforms that you can have control over. Make sure you have pages on your website that thoroughly explain your products or services. The content on these pages should use language that reinforces the image you want to portray. It should also speak to your audience in a way that intrigues them and gets them to ask more of you. Include calls-to-action that guide them through the buyer's journey.

Social Media Advertising

The second best place to start building your brand business is through your social media channels. Although this is not owned content like your website, it is the first or second place people will go to in order to learn about your brand. These platforms allow you to build a relationship with your audience and showcase your knowledge and expertise in your industry. You can share testimonials, thought leadership articles, and promote relevant products and services. You can also pay for ads on Facebook and Instagram to help expand your reach and find new customers.

Start Building Your Brand Today

Having a consistent online personality that aligns with your business goals is the key to increasing revenue and developing long-term customer loyalty. Set aside time to evaluate your brand and see where your gaps are. If you'd like help to navigate a brand assessment or build your brand marketing strategy, learn more about our branding & creative services and get in touch with L7 Creative to see what we can do for you.