February 5, 2020

4 Creative Marketing Trends to Boost Your Business Sales in 2020


4 Creative Marketing Trends to Boost Your Business Sales in 2020

Boosting user engagement is the best way to build brand affinity, which is one step to increasing conversion rates. If you'd like to see more sales in 2020 (and why wouldn't you?), here are four creative marketing trends to try in your digital advertising strategy.

1. Engage with Educational Content Marketing

Buyers today want to make a purchase decision without ever having to talk to a human. Use content marketing to educate your customers before they ever contact you. This helps you nurture leads and build your audience's trust. Create informational blog posts, data-filled white papers, and interactive quizzes that guide your buyers through the cycle without ever having to contact you. When creating, always keep in mind that content should be relevant, authoritative, and educational.

2. Engage with Updated & Repurposed Content

You've likely created some stellar content in the past that really helped your audience learn more about your products or services, and brought in more leads and conversions than normal. This is a great place to start with updating or repurposing your content. Take a high-performing blog post from a few years ago and update the stats, add new information you've learned, and remove any outdated info that no longer applies. Turn it into a slide presentation, eBook, or infographic and post the link on your social channels.

3. Convert with Automated Email Marketing Campaigns

Conversion rate optimization is all about learning from your previous sales. Take the time to analyze your data and see where your customers came from, how long it took them to make a purchase decision, and if they returned. Then, you can revise your email marketing campaigns to better reflect what your customers are actually doing instead of what you think they're doing or what you want them to do. You can increase conversions by A/B testing, adding infographics, paying attention to time zones, and changing up your CTA buttons.

4. Convert with Social Media Shopping

If your audience is primarily millennials, then you need to be on social media. People spend several hours per day on their phones browsing through their feeds. Use this opportunity to share posts that link to products or services on your website. Interactive ad creative such as this helps to minimize bounce rate and speeds up the sales funnel because customers are more likely to purchase when presented with this seamless online shopping experience.

Start Working with L7 Creative

Developing unique ad creative is the way to increase user engagement and conversion rates in 2020. When you're ready to maximize your digital advertising budget, get in touch with L7 Creative. We can help you achieve your 2020 business goals by building the best marketing strategy for your business and customers. Together, we can use a variety of tools such as Facebook & Instagram ads, Bing ads, marketing automation, Google ads, and more to help your business succeed in the digital marketing space.