It’s no surprise that holiday advertisements have become an art form all their own. So much so that Super Bowl advertisements have their work cut out for them. Let’s take a look at a few of the most memorable ads from this holiday season and last year’s. If there is one thing we can say, it’s grab a box of tissues because these are sure to make you tear up.

Last year prompted a shift toward highly creative yet heartwarming holiday advertisements; with the elegant department store Marks & Spencer reminding everyone that you can’t handle the holiday pressure alone.

London’s famed Heathrow Airport also dominated the internet with their viral ad showing the importance of family coming together in the softest and cutest way possible.

Eccentric and illustrious director, Wes Anderson also joined in on the holiday cheer last year with this artistic masterpiece featuring Adrien Brody for the clothing brand H&M. H&M was able to use this star-power to bolster their social media presence and make a strong push in Q4 sales last year.

With last year’s ads really pushing the creative envelope, it was no doubt that more companies would be hopping aboard the Polar Express to create their own holiday magic.

Department stores have been known to feature ads about family and the importance of coming together. And this year is no different with Macy’s really hitting home that family means something different things to everyone, and the purpose of family is to support those around you no matter the situation.

Macy’s wasn’t the only department store to create some magic this year. Waitrose, who’s based just across the pond featured an ad illustrating that being with the people you love is much more important than any gift that can be bought.

The spirit of the holidays extended beyond department stores this year with Toyota reminding everyone that while material things are good in the moment but memories last a lifetime.

So wherever you are this year, take a note from some of these brands: live in the moment, make lasting memories, serve those you love, and most importantly love like you’ll never have a chance to love again.