While the Atlanta Falcons took the saddest plummet of all time and the New England Patriots made a historic comeback, the following Super Bowl 51 commercials were winners in the homes of millions. There was certainly a theme of social commentary but as per usual, the comedic ones came out on top.


TOP 10 Super Bowl 51 Commercials (2017):

10. H&R Block w/ IBM Watson | Future

Why: Cinematic excellence


9. Skittles | Romance

Why: Relatable Humor


8. Buick | Big Game w/ Cam Newton & Miranda Kerr

Why: Family Humor


7. T-Mobile | #Punished w/ Kristen Schaal

Why: Pop Culture Humor


6. Budweiser | Born the Hard Way

Why: Effective Story Telling


5. Audi | Daughter

Why: Relevant Social Commentary


4. Kia | Heroe’s Journey w/ Melissa McCarthy

Why: Social Movements + Humor


3. 84 Lumber | The Journey Begins

Why: Strong CTA that Converted


2. Hyundai | A Better Super Bowl

Why: Emotional Patriotism


1. Avocados From Mexico

Why: Hilarious Humor


Honorable Mentions:

Mr. Clean | Cleaner of your Dreams

Why: So bad it’s good


Turbo Tax | Humpty Hospital

Why: Special Effects + Humor


Amazon Echo | Alexa Moments

Why: Short & Sweet + Target Audience Awareness



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By: Theresa Gallego