Did you watch the Super Bowl LII? Can you believe what happened? We can’t either! Here is a breakdown of the game, half-time show, and our favorite ads.


The Big Game


Philadelphia had a secret play that the franchise kept undercover the entire 2017-2018 season, a hybrid play which stunned the nation. Yes, and it has a signature name. Dubbed the “Philly Special,” Nick Foles’ 1 yard touchdown was one play in a series of unbelievable spectacles making Super Bowl LII an unforgettable showdown.

How could a Super Bowl with only one sack and zero holding penalties make for a showdown of this magnitude?

Sounds unbelievable, trust us, we know. Super Bowl LII hit us like a cold slap in the face. While Netflix rocked our socks from a creative advertising standpoint and Justin Timberlake convinced us some hatchets will never remain buried, Super Bowl LII had us glued to our seats. Hold the chips and guac, but did Brandin Cooks just try to bungee jump over Eagles safety Rodney McLeod?

Sports Landing said it best, “Brandin Cooks, you are not cleared for takeoff.” Cooks may have been grounded, but the Eagles soared to victory through undeniable teamwork as the NFL network tweeted “OH MY GOODNESS.”

The storyline of an underdog franchise and a team well-acquainted with the glory of Super Bowl victory contextualized the picture-perfect stage for a historic showdown. Nothing could write history like the silence which befell the Super Bowl stadium as the gravity of Zach Ertz’s game-ending touchdown was examined with Philadelphia victory hanging in the balance.

The question is, how would the city of Philadelphia react if Ertz’s touchdown was overturned? “I didn’t think there was anything to review,” Ertz commented. As fans and commentators held their breath, Ertz admitted “it felt like an eternity.” When the dust settled, Ertz’s touchdown was ruled as valid giving the Eagles a healthy lead to secure Super Bowl Victory.

America loves an underdog. Super Bowl LII captured the essence of the American spirit in a unique and inspiring light leaving wandering minds to ponder why the event is excluded as a National Holiday. While Nick Foles revealed his secret wide receiver position, the New York Times recognized Tom Brady as the best player on the field. “Losing sucks,” Brady said, “If you want to be world champs, you have to play in this game.” Brady, wrestling with discouragement, mentioned “I don’t see why I wouldn’t be back.” We are thrilled for the Eagles, but are already in anticipation for the 2018 season.


Half-Time Show-down


Is “Bye, Bye, Bye” America’s message to Justin Timberlake? While Timberlake’s performance was a fully-clothed success, was it necessary for Timberlake to make mention of the notorious “wardrobe malfunction” in his earlier tweet? Let’s admit, it was funny and we will leave it at that. Can everyone else bury Nipplegate once and for all and enjoy Super Bowl as an American pastime? Cool.

Timberlake’s ode to Prince was a generally rejected feature, especially among Prince fans who voiced through Twitter that Prince expressed disapproval in the digital projection of artists who had passed away. Though the rumored hologram was excluded from Timberlake’s performance, the visual projection was not received by fans. The Guardian labeling Timberlake’s halftime show performance as “forgettable, but flashy.” Prince fans’ displeasure with the visual projection should not deter from Justin Timberlake’s careful and conscious decision to exclude the Prince hologram. This was a great idea.


The Main Event


Are we ready to admit that the ads are the REAL reason we watch Super Bowl? No shame! Here is our breakdown of L7 Creative’s Top 3 Advertisements of Super Bowl LII.


The folks at Netflix are pure genius. No one anticipated Netflix would surprise drop “The Cloverfield Paradox” premiering immediately after the game, can we call this a penalty? From an advertising standpoint, this is the “out of the box” thinking that we love and adore.



Is it just us or did the Tide ads increase in gradual humor? We loved them! Not only were these hilarious, but they found a way to mock your typical advertisements and insert their product across all industries. Well-played, Tide!


Visit Australia.

Chris Hemsworth and Danny McBride managed to fool us with this hilarious pseudo movie trailer of a Crocodile Dundee remake! Do we need a multi-million dollar ad to persuade us to visit the Gold Coast? Probably not, but it definitely made us laugh and want to buy a plane ticket ASAP.