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Consumer Behavior

Read This Before It’s Deleted Forever!

We’ve all fallen victim to one of these age-old scarcity tactics: “Hurry, Sale Ends Today”, “Members Exclusive” or “Only One Left in Stock”. What is it about the element of scarcity that makes a product so alluring? Learn more about the underlying psyche of this powerful weapon and how marketers can use it to enhance marketing efforts and generate more demand. Read More Here


Social Media

Push for Ad Transparency

When global and political affairs unfold over social media, it can get #awkward. In an aim to be more transparent, Facebook and Twitter take measures to increase accountability and authenticity in purchased ads. Facebook announces stronger guidelines for advertising transparency on their social network, part of a campaign to forestall government regulation. The new rules include searchable archives of political ads and demographic information of their target audiences. Find out what is causing this move towards ad accountability. Read More on Wired



Experiential Marketing Attracts Millennials

Despite holding the largest spending power at $2.45 trillion dollars, companies struggle to connect with the millennial market. Some companies, however, have found the key to transforming millennials from an interested consumer into a diehard brand loyalist through experiential marketing. This new wave of marketing campaigns centered around creating a share-worthy brand experience allows consumers to interact with the products, services, and the brand itself. Read More Here


Market Research

Holiday Messaging to Grab Attention

Consumers are tired of seeing the same old tropes in holiday advertising. To grab the attention of consumers, marketers need to appropriately time their holiday ads and emphasize their corporate social responsibility efforts. Create holiday messaging that showcases your good work and helps your customers solve a problem. Learn how to stand out from the crowd. Read More on AMA



5 SEO Trends & Tips

Behind every link, click, and website visit is a human seeking answers. In order to understand the most effective strategies in SEO, one must keep up with social and technological trends affecting user behavior. Fear not, you don’t have to understand all the complex algorithmic technicalities of SEO to harness the 3.5 million Google Searches made daily. We’ve compiled 5 SEO trends & tips that will help you navigate the ever-changing SEO landscape. Read More Here



Instagram Analytics Tools Worth Your Time

Businesses and social media influencers alike can benefit from the 35 billion data points produced by Instagram users each month. Analyzing this data with the right tools can help you optimize content, monitor competitors, and determine ROI. Make the most of this social platform, and check out these 10 analytical tools. Read More on Forbes



Amazon’s Next Destination Will Change a City Forever

As the bidding continues for Amazon’s next hometown, academics begin to consider the pros and cons of a city inundated by the e-commerce mega company. Cities across North America want the 50,000 jobs that come with Amazon’s HQ2, but will it really make life better for residents? Read More on CNN


Author: Kelsey Pickert