February 21, 2020

Brand Strategy & How to Get Started


Brand Strategy & How to Get Started

New and established businesses alike pursue effective branding to represent their products and services effectively. A recognizable brand is a loved one, and an impactful brand strategy can be one of your business’s most valuable assets.

Whether you operate a small or large business, you’ll be competing with other brands. As such, you’ll need to make the most out of your marketing budget by both differentiating your business and highlighting its best qualities.

Let’s examine the best way to get started on your own brand strategy, step by step.

Step One: Find Your Focus

Your brand’s main focus is the foundation upon which your business’s communications can be built. What does your brand sell? More importantly: What does it provide differently for customers who might consider alternatives?

Create a “focus point” for your brand—one which communicates not only why its products and services should be important to your customers, but why they’re also important to you.

Step Two: Create Measurement Standards

Memorable branding and creative design are like paintings: They need a frame. This is where success metrics come into play. If you want to achieve major objectives, you’ll need to measure your brand’s impact on its major channels.

Define exactly what you hope to achieve, whether it be a higher ROI, a far brand outreach, website conversions or social media followers. Then, apply these benchmarks to your current framework as it develops. Compare your brand’s progression against them.

Step Three: Define and Redefine Your Target Market

While you’re establishing the above-mentioned benchmarks, it’s a good idea to mold your brand strategy to a particular group of shoppers. To find out who your target market is, take a look at the consumers who typically purchase the products and services you sell.

How old is this audience? What are their jobs like? Do they tend to purchase other products and services in tandem with those you provide? Do they have families? Each of these starter questions are great ways to narrow down the marketing playing field—giving your branding and creative outreach much more accuracy.

Step Four: Refine Your Brand Identity

A good brand strategy is one which has a unique face. Every level of your brand should mirror its other components. From packaging to landing page colors, branding and creative input need to go hand in hand. To align your brand’s different creative appearances, get started here.

If any element of your brand isn’t in line with its other components, it’s a good idea to perform a sort of “creative maintenance” on them—and better align them with your business’s comprehensive appearance.

Step Five: Have a Purpose

Creating a brand strategy might not be incredibly difficult, but maintaining an effective brand strategy can be.

Your business needs a purpose, and it needs to uphold its fundamental values at every turn. State your business’s purpose anywhere your customers will look, including your website, social media page, in-store displays and emails.

Effective Branding With the Professionals

If you’re just starting a branding strategy, don’t sweat it. You have plenty of tools available. Find out how to make a cost effective strategy from the ground up. Then, contact us and chat about your vision—and discover your brand’s true potential by partnering with the industry’s experts.